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  1. ...well, the goals are still comin'... both ways again #TMLtalk ...the parade route planners can go back to pretending to know the process.

  2. @IamJayDubs ...the only possible out is if he lost a bet. ?

  3. @TheCousinSal ...Matt Schaub warming in the pen #WorldSeries

  4. ...up 5 closing at Oracle, h-a-v-e to close ...#WeTheNorth ...still very solid & balanced effort with youth playing smart ball.↗️

  5. ...historic #TFC season for the books ...yet it'll take MLS Cup title to make it real forever.

  6. @TnTdotCA @TAGGARTnTORRENS @Taggart7 @TorrensJonathan ...after hours lols 'Yes I see the lights dimming, it's helpi… https://t.co/FcKBdhc1ko

  7. @blakejharrisNYC @ROMvg ..Console Wars was insta buy, insta read, hardcover ftw cheers for the writings* ?… https://t.co/72wHsuTjyg

  8. @IamJayDubs ...I guess the mistake by the lake gets Steph Curry cursed (Steph Cursey'd?) after winning a title via comeback.

  9. ...Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer 2 OFFICIAL! https://t.co/MdpBTYJURq via @YouTube

  10. @JayAndDan @coorslightca @JayOnrait @tsnotoole ...lots of pillow talk #yergotthis https://t.co/w0A6qAWcxL

  11. ...Jim Carrey | Norm Macdonald Live https://t.co/BSEbHxf0sh via @YouTube

  12. ...#TFC keep on keepin' on. Awesome season.↗️

  13. RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: Here is the @TSNHockey interview with Paul Kariya, produced by @mattdunntsn and conducted by @MichaelFarber3. Enjoy: ht…

  14. @Engineer_Jim ...#Patriots still too sexy for the Texans, right said Brandin Cooks. ↗️#nut

  15. ...Wes Anderson ISLE OF DOGS | Official Trailer | FOX Searchlight https://t.co/VcyJFhU1jp via @YouTube

  16. ...'Lewis Hamilton launches Mercedes' F1 street-car' https://t.co/tgNy3o2d90 via @MailSport

  17. RT @TheCousinSal: I kind of like the NFL's new pre-season games on Thursday night format. #TexansvsBengals

  18. RT @TrollFootball: Typical Liverpool stats https://t.co/fhhjjVmKoK

  19. I quit the Buffalo Bills when I was kid because their city & fans were annoying. Toronto US tv feed goes through Buffalo for us, local stuff. I saw a lot of Canadian (Maritimers?) fans at Patriots games on tv, Bill Parcells was fun, signed up with the Patriots, & then they drafted video game QB Drew Bledsoe. That choice was easy. The Bills lost another couple SBs, this time I didn't care.
  20. As if I give a flying :censored: about such fans. Because some message boarders are up in it, I should just turn in my Patriots fandom card is that it? I barely any time throw shade from being a Patriots fan other than absolutely purely in fun & jest, usually at the team's expense. Should I start licking Yankees caps because I'm a Patriots fan? Real Madrid kits, should I start sleeping in those because I am a Patriots fan?? Maybe I'll start kissing American Olympic gold medals on my way to work every day because hey, as a Patriots fan, how on Earth can I be a Canadian Olympic supporter.
  21. What can I say, fairweather Silicon Valley fans are not my cup of tea. Kawhi Leonard deserved a much better fate this series.
  22. https://www.thestar.com/sports/leafs/2017/05/16/leafs-bolster-blue-line-with-two-swedish-free-agents.html Alright.
  23. LFC's win over West Ham might've been one of the finest I've seen of theirs. They're back.
  24. Figure Skating MMA Equestrian Jumping Darts I think that may be it. I no longer follow the PGA, yet I'll watch the 4 majors. Same mostly with tennis though some 1000 events are solid.
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