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  1. I quit the Buffalo Bills when I was kid because their city & fans were annoying.  Toronto US tv feed goes through Buffalo for us, local stuff.

    I saw a lot of Canadian (Maritimers?) fans at Patriots games on tv, Bill Parcells was fun, signed up with the Patriots, & then they drafted video game QB Drew Bledsoe.  

    That choice was easy.  The Bills lost another couple SBs, this time I didn't care.

  2. 11 hours ago, JWhiz96 said:

    As opposed to Pats fans who didn't exist before 2001?

    As if I give a flying :censored: about such fans.  Because some message boarders are up in it, I should just turn in my Patriots fandom card is that it?


    I barely any time throw shade from being a Patriots fan other than absolutely purely in fun & jest, usually at the team's expense.


    Should I start licking Yankees caps because I'm a Patriots fan?  Real Madrid kits, should I start sleeping in those because I am a Patriots fan?? 
    Maybe I'll start kissing American Olympic gold medals on my way to work every day because hey, as a Patriots fan, how on Earth can I be a Canadian Olympic supporter.




  3. 9 hours ago, BeerGuyJordan said:

    The Sabres are the home team, even though it is in NYC. Basically Buffalo is giving the Rangers a free home game.


    This is idiotic. If the Rangers want to be the effing home team for a WC, then MSG needs to give up a home date. I'm sick of seeing O6 teams catered to, at the expense of the other 24.

    I see.  I wasn't sure if Queens was an Islanders market & having the 2 other NY state franchises playing in the Isles' backyard for a special event might've been fubar.

  4. 8 hours ago, Dalcowboyfan92 said:


    The more I see the injuries pile up; the clearer the writing on the wall is that Toronto is going to have some sort of a fire sale. I don't think it's going to be everybody; but they're going to trade off at least the players with expiring contracts to get something in return.


    The team needs to lick its wounds; and rebuild.

    The bright side is most of their core are veterans, i.e. less of a risk trading them away.  I know they'll not be getting many blue chippers in return, that's life.

  5. I don't really want any of these teams to win of course, yet it would probably be for the best if the Oilers did win.  I think the NHL  (while not nearly like the NBA is so dependent on) is a bit better when its best players win.  I'd say that's true to different degrees of all leagues - if Mike Trout can't sniff a title after 20yrs in MLB, there's something missing.  Different degrees of course because a Dan Marino is much more magnified in the NFL universe.

    If the Senators were to win, which another 2 rounds is a tall task, unsure how healthy Karlsson really is, they could easily save their parade for July 1 Canada 150 crowds downtown.


    This very second I think I still have to predict the Ducks will win it all.

  6. 5 hours ago, Webfooter said:

    It's supposed to represent the 5 members of each team in motion on a court.  I never got that until I finally read an interview with the people who helped design the initial logo.

    I always looked at it as a forestry's cutting blade.  

    New look is simpler & I think they've lost some nuance with it.

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