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  1. Tough crowd lols... yikers island on a Friday. My vote has always been the 76 Steelers.
  2. Spring Training, go nuts. I legit lol'd at the Padres because of course they're camo. Otherwise, they look more fit for Japanese pro ball.
  3. 2006 New England Patriots - sadly, they haven't won a Super Bowl now for 3 months. Honestly though, that game was way worse than the Tyree Bowl. For all their success, there have been enough historical failures to appease some of the haters.
  4. I'd like to see a Europa style relegation tournament for CONCACAF, to follow the refined CL.
  5. Speaking of, Simmons had a solid pod the other day discussing the present & future of sports media.
  6. I see. I wasn't sure if Queens was an Islanders market & having the 2 other NY state franchises playing in the Isles' backyard for a special event might've been fubar.
  7. The bright side is most of their core are veterans, i.e. less of a risk trading them away. I know they'll not be getting many blue chippers in return, that's life.
  8. ...meanwhile, TFC be like...
  9. Morales now out. This injury pile up actually makes the lost Jays season easier to digest. Donaldson, Tulowitzki, Sanchez, Happ, Morales...
  10. I don't really want any of these teams to win of course, yet it would probably be for the best if the Oilers did win. I think the NHL (while not nearly like the NBA is so dependent on) is a bit better when its best players win. I'd say that's true to different degrees of all leagues - if Mike Trout can't sniff a title after 20yrs in MLB, there's something missing. Different degrees of course because a Dan Marino is much more magnified in the NFL universe. If the Senators were to win, which another 2 rounds is a tall task, unsure how healthy Karlsson really is, they could easily save their parade for July 1 Canada 150 crowds downtown. This very second I think I still have to predict the Ducks will win it all.
  11. I always looked at it as a forestry's cutting blade. New look is simpler & I think they've lost some nuance with it.
  12. Mini rant - CNN HLN used to be actual 30 minute cycles of all the day's & up to date breaking news. Since about 2001 it's been Nancy Grace yelling at things.
  13. Not gonna lie, its single side of helmet uniqueness keeps it from being lost for me. Otherwise it is quite generic.
  14. Nothing but good news there. Apples & garages, yet if this can down the road help Canada get out of the f'n 100+ FIFA ranks, I'm all in.
  15. I neither mind Lowry staying nor leaving. This team all but maxed out showed what its ceiling is in the current NBA landscape & that's fine. If they reload with different players, I'm good.
  16. Truer words were never ever spoken. Ever.
  17. Well, this probably looks worse with a Round 2 heading rather than an ECF one. Which is a bit silly if we all consider the Cavaliers to be inked for the Finals. Once James has run out of gas, the east will be open again - to be slaughtered by the west?
  18. TFC's win over the Sounders I hope is seen as the focal turning point towards another Finals run. All or nothing.
  19. The random bevelling actually put it over the top for me. #unpopularopinion When the logos aren't presented in such large scale as they've been here, it'll look even better.
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