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  1. Mike Ditka lookin' all geared up to trade everyone away for Ricky Williams.
  2. On the record: I blame this entire stumbling season on the white panels. #comeatmebru
  3. To be fair, it's nice knowing one of either will pretty much always be 0-1. A prime time loss no less.
  4. Feels like Raps-Cavs 2016. 2 earned wins v #1, much more work to put in for more.
  5. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/dennis-wideman-calgary-flames-linesman-lawsuit-10-million-1.4078617
  6. Dolphins shouldn't look ahead of all those games beforehand or it won't matter - Falcons, Raiders, Bucs, etc. They play one another 2 weeks later in Foxborough.
  7. If the 2017 Blue Jays were a loaded lineup & losing every night, I'd be upset. As it is, barely anyone in the lineup is hitting worth a lick to make a difference. It's no wonder the W's aren't coming. Donaldson hasn't been 100% yet, & Bautista can go right ahead & stop trying to win 10 games with one swing of his bat.
  8. Is Miami still a Hurricanes town? Atlanta Braves? Detroit Red Wings? I can't think of many candidates if any. Chicago may be a semi football town what with the Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks, + White Sox on the south side - a pretty balanced menu that.
  9. CHL hockey & U Sports football for me I guess. I just want to see the best product, always hoping Canadian youth are sustaining competitive flair on home soil.
  10. I wonder what the payout would be for all 12 LA home games to lose.
  11. https://nflcommunications.com/Documents/2017 NFL Schedule Announced.pdf Thanksgiving looks like I won't be taking the day off work, what a mess. Christmas Day is better, though my family won't allow it. 2 of the 4 London games being played at Twickenham stadium. TNF matchups look improved for the most part.
  12. Bylsma & Murray fired from the Sabres. With Eichel & co. they were supposed to be great. lols Buffalo
  13. I guess it's something that they're winning & dying by the same formula they played during the regular season. That should help them reflect in the offseason & adapt next season yes? I know the stupid turnover spoiled their 1 goal margin late, & yet I would hope Babcock would tell that room - sure, here's the piss poor concentration lapse & here's the guy who did it... but his flub wouldn't have mattered as much if x hadn't happened here, if y hadn't given up here, if z hadn't quit on this play, etc. Throw the guy under the bus only to throw the rest of them under thinking one play is all that mattered. Smarten up & play for each other, not to dangle around expecting automatic comeback wins. If it's a series lost, I don't know if I hope they lose in 6 on home ice or if they can manage to go the full 7 to lose on the road. Maybe losing at home would be the best of the worst options, get a season ending standing O & whatnot to bank in the brain. No matter the series result, Andersen has shown his true worth, & Matthews has had a very good playoff (I haven't heard his name called much on goals allowed).
  14. I grabbed him in fantasy last week. Keeping mashing those Japanese potatoes.
  15. Back to rooting for them without either having to defend why &/or that I'm not on some bandwagon. Parcells-Bledsoe era was fun, just so long as they're trying after BB & Brady leave, that's what I want. Also, spoiling the fates of the Bills, Jets, & Dolphins would be good. If they keep winning divisions with 9-10 wins instead of 12-14, there's still fun to be had.
  16. As a complete outsider, part of their appeal on me as a kid was actually their New England branding. I've always liked the Golden States, California Angels, etc. Thus even if they had moved to Hartford in the 90's, I'd still be where I am today - born a Patriots fan once Parcells & Bledsoe made it the funnest video game team to root for.
  17. The Toronto Dr. Seuss Fingers logo was interesting for a long while. #WeTheWhos
  18. I have zero problem with any league's unbalanced scheduling matching up division teams (who are not division winners) in a first round. Strength of a division in an unbalanced schedule is purely subjective. If the AL East never again sees a 100 game winner, that doesn't mean an AL Central or West team winning 100 games makes them objectively better in an unbalanced league. It's like the Boise St. argument in college football - 1 strong win that matters in an undefeated season. If the Blackhawks played the Ducks as often as they do the Blues, or the Senators played the Blue Jackets as often as they do the Panthers... then yeah, sure 1-8 is it.
  19. If, IF, the Leafs were to miraculously get past the Caps, an advantage should be if the Pens finish off the Jackets early & are sitting around unable to stop daydreaming about the semis & final. As for the bracket, I like the first round as it is, yet they've got to go back to the 2nd round best v worst etc. To this day, I think the NBA is stupid for their bracket, & now the NHL is forming an unloved format era of its own. Right now, 'penalizing' wild card teams unable to control geography is good, + I like first round division matchups. Ditch it for the 2nd round.
  20. Count me as a doubter after all the minutes he logged during the season, as never before in his career, + the injury last week. Having said that, both games into OT, both sides looked dopey while both he & Holtby were the designated drivers sober & ready for nearly everything.
  21. I've thought about it before also, for MLB, but I also think the newness of it would wear off after only 1-2 seasons, esp now that we've had an era of interleague, also nothing special anymore.
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