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  1. That's nutz. Apparently it's the 4th longest such streak in big 4 leagues all time. 2004. Johnny Gaudreau was 11yrs old.
  2. I.Thomas' sister was killed in single car incident on Sat morning. r.i.p.
  3. Meh. 5pm Raptors start, 7pm Leafs start I think... Maple Leaf Square... mild evening... even if it was filled with drunk Jays fans leaving their game, I wouldn't make much of it.
  4. I think they'd want to wait until they're facing a financial dip & want to shock the system before they do it. East v West World Series might be hard to swallow for a lot of people. A lot.
  5. Excellent learning experience for this bunch, now the Capitals have to bounce back in a hostile barn up against giving away yet another great season. All these Leafs have to worry about is eating enough calories to keep playing hard. If the Leafs can stop walking themselves to the penalty box, I like their chances with Freddie.
  6. Good entertainment so far... I can't find a mismatch on my tv yet. If the Leafs can pull something out of the ether tonight, game 3 would be that much more energizing for them coming home.
  7. Wonder when/if Toronto makes a trade just to shake something up for themselves. Even if it's a lateral proposition.
  8. 4 LeBron has played so much f'n basketball the past number of years, the only shock would be if the Cavs lost a series in fewer than 6 games.
  9. Zero chance of the NFL leaving Boston for a quick buck... yet if they were in a losing funk, relocated to London or whatever, I'd go to my NFC backup Tampa Bay Bucs - just because every single f'n NFC team & city hates to lose the the mother f'n Bucs.They still to this day have a fun underdog dna to them.
  10. Daymn. & here we are threading about Mark Davis' stupid bowl cuts.
  11. whoa... Double Dragon/80's arcade background gifs ftw
  12. Welp, cede control from the 2nd onward, a goal like that is less painful. I need these Leafs to start taking things personally & less waving sticks around as some gamed effort.
  13. F the Rangers... bunch of sheep.
  14. I dare everyone to tap the Jays out. Every. One.
  15. Will the next commissioner please stand up.
  16. With the Leafs out of things for years, I actually forgot the new fixed bracket alignment.
  17. The font, namely the letter /\ for A gives me a camping vibe... like a universal highway sign logo for campground. Oddly, that actually works well for their brand. The orange isn't there so the Tropicana thing is moot. The north star in the ball also makes that okay. I also see trees within the bottom of the wolf's head, at his neck/nape or whatever- i.e. the trees are there if you want them to be there. I look forward to the post-roundel universe, hope I'm around to see it... maybe year 2030?
  18. Just give me waterfalls at SkyDome with some cottage country backdrop & I'm good.
  19. I bet Wiggins played some floor hockey during gym class as we all have up here.
  20. Bettman will merge the Coyotes with the TWolves before he has to move them to Quebec City.
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