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  1. ...sign #1209 we're all getting older: #NBAonABC has now been airing longer than it did #NBAonNBC. #JohnTesh ! https://t.co/Et3UFXeW1f

  2. Just those little flares if you will that you added make it pop. I'd probably also use that same 'Raptors' font you have for 'Toronto'. I would also demand you email that to MLSE every single day you wake up until they change it.
  3. I don't think the Patriots will roll them, yet they do have much more diversity than the Steelers on both sides of the ball.
  4. BAL-PIT feels like a regular season SNF game... weird.
  5. I wonder if we'll ever see college football's playoff geographically structured like basketball, & that's with or without the NCAA years from now. West, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast. 4 regional title games with any FBS school eligible. In essence it would be an 8 school playoff without officially being an 8 team playoff as is now. I.E. Some ACC teams like Boston College, Syracuse would be Northeast competitors... FSU, Miami, etc would try to win a Southeast birth against most SEC teams. And there also, Texas A&M would be a Midwest, & so on. Conference titles would be rewarded entirely on table standings, like Euro soccer. The Pac-12 I find is an attractive entity not least its uniform geographic set up like pro sports.
  6. #MichaelJFox should toss the Cubs opening day pitch wearing power laced Nikes & eating Pizza Hut while being driven to & fro DeLorean #2015.

  7. ...wow it feels like Monday so hard right now, I could totally get used to this ...1 day work weeks should be every week! #asif

  8. RT @fs1otoole: Fan at the Rose Bowl who sounds like an owl, stop it.

  9. NFL would leave St. Louis for Los Angeles in a heartbeat... because then they'd immediately gain St. Louis as a bargaining chip for the next wimpering NFL owner/city. Leagues love having capable backup plans to scare owners & fan bases into what they want. NHL has taught me well. As for the Bills, they'll never ever ever move - reason being they're the sole NFL taxpayers of New York state (Jets & Giants based in New Jersey). Apparently Cuomo & co. made the Bills new ownership happen.
  10. RT @itrevormoore: Remake Back To The Future 2 where there are no flying cars but people stare at their phones all the time + get offended a…

  11. ...Happy New Year! 2015 is a good looking number.

  12. ...yay mail in games #Patriots #SuperBowl #FireGoodell ...practice better be fun, 2wks isn't a vacation.

  13. A few thoughts a few weeks out from this local fan... - Now feels way too near & sadly close to the idiot Blue Jays - Black Jays rebrand a few years ago... I am not looking forward to walking the streets of T.O. with more lifeless black caps & jerseys. The Blue Jays smartened up, hopefully the Raps will again in 3-4yrs. - The rondel is already aged imo. Rid the roundel, this logo actually looks very cool on the 'flag' sans circle. If they/someone could throw up maybe black coloured font for 'TORONTO' & 'RAPTORS' around a silver/purple centered ball that'd be cool. - Friends & I are hoping now that the jerseys can knock our socks off... that & the floor design could help a lot. The Raptor claw logo we've had never got much branding traction, no one loved nor hated it - it just literally seemed to come out of nowhere without emotional attachment either way - & perhaps this new logo could slide into that niche. Sad but truth.
  14. It will forever be Nets 2.0. As for expecting better from Drake... lols
  15. RT @BillSimmons: New BS Report: Larry David on tortured Jets fans, Seinfeld's finale, Curb's future, his new Broadway play and more. http:/…

  16. RT @Dan_Hoard: Am I hallucinating from a lack of sleep, or did somebody bring a reindeer to the Bengals/Browns game? http://t.co/QS3tZhKdxd

  17. ...new Terrence Malick #KnightofCups https://t.co/1EACZbOAC5 ...Bale, Blanchett, Portman.

  18. What makes a good banner? I think simple banners in a quality set make the best. Edmonton Oilers might have the best banners imo, & not just because they were the greatest teams - there are Montreal Canadiens' of the world with plenty more...
  19. RT @officialroycey: Please RT the hell out of this. Thank you. http://t.co/LNWPGCAXkF

  20. ...#Patriots #SuperBowl #FireGoodell ...lols Green Bay Packers

  21. It bothers me that the Blue Jays have retired 'Pat Gillick' & the '# 12'. Future gens of fans won't all know right away that retired 12 is for Roberto Alomar. It's just a nameless number banner with the HOF logo.
  22. From my favourite teams... Blue Jays - Rickey Henderson Leafs - 2003 Doug Gilmour, lookin' aged & less fit (he played a single game, for 1.5 shifts) Raptors - Hakeem Olajuwon Patriots - Doug Flutie (I watched his CFL career too much to make sense of this)
  23. ...Sir Patrick Stewart - Cpt Picard's 'Let it Snow' Make it So https://t.co/3XRFOvOODA#nice

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