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  1. i love the off white uniforms... one thing i might add is instead of it saying white, you would put "wordmark"... just because that kind of thing is a design element that off-white frequently uses
  2. im doing fgcu next but i can do uw green bay after @Dan O'Mac
  3. i decided to do the Hartford hawks next c&c always welcome
  4. i came up with this concept when i was thinking about what would creighton look like if they had a football team so without further ado the Creighton bluejays
  5. just got photo shop i proudly announce Lansing university's new football uniforms
  6. @Bigart78 i thought the Blue Dragon/Eagle/Turtle was pretty sweet though
  7. City: marquett ,michigan Team Name: sailors Colors: royal blue,ice blue,yellow and sand Logo: Working On That Quote this
  8. updated Lansing university thanks to @ZionEagle for digitilizing the bear logo
  9. Name of University: lansing university Nickname: bears Location (City, State): lansing,Michigan Colors: maroon, bear blue and gray Lansing university bears- was founded in 1955 when a wealth gm plant owner wanted his workers to be able to under stand things better and it would make his business look better if his employees were college he got together with a few of the other car company owners and petitioned the state. then Lansing state was born. Lansing state has div.1 teams in lacrosse,hockey, basketball,baseball,football and soccer they have had great success in basketball winning 6 national championships and doing a great job recruiting locally.but the rest of there programs haven't had much success the closest coming when the football team made it to the ironically GM BOWL in 2004 but losing a heart breaker on a game winning hail Mary.
  10. can this be hand drawn or does it have to be digitilize
  11. that would be fine it would be cool if the michigan player was tom brady
  12. kirk cousins or the paul bunyan trophy (msu vs uofm)
  13. here is the logo thanks to @JPDesign for digitalizing it and here is the home uni the away uni and the helmet
  14. i decided to create a football uniform concept for the university of New Orleans first up the away uniform
  15. is ther any chance there will be a mini helmet template
  16. He already has, you'll need to go back a few pages. By the way, loving the courts!Like the very first post of this thread. im sorry i didnt see it i feel so dumb to have missed it