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  1. ive decided to come up with four concepts for the helmets to see if theres a different helmet that would be better in this set
  2. here is the updates and for the multicolored visor i was trying to do thisbut with the teams two main colors
  3. i know many of my concepts have not been the best but this is one i have worked on for a while and feel confident in this concept so here is the Montana state bobcats
  4. here up is rice i created 2 different options with stripes and one without 1.
  5. nice but the shoulder stripe on the left home is not on any other uniforms or the back of the uniform and try putting an outline on the numbers like (kansas sports fan) said actually a nice concept i like the logo did u make it yourself
  6. sorry about all the requests i had been working on this and wanted to finish it after this i will do all the requests my apologies it also took me awhile to post because i was on spring break and couldnt make helmets here is ohio university after all requests i will do white ohio
  7. So much this. I appreciate the effort you put into your advice. This advice applies to so many others who have recently discovered the forum. There is a reason I took over a year before I posted my first concept. I trust the OP will improve, but a deluge of sloppy work only causes others to ignore your work or (worse) rubberneck as if at traffic accident.Pay attention not to what is on Instagram or other sites, but to the people who are well respected here. Imitate them. There's not a one- look at who received the Creamer awards- who is sloppy with grammar, writing or throws work together instantly. Good work will attract attention, and you won't HAVE to ask for C&C. /fin thanks so much and that's very good advice
  8. I don't get it some of u are asking me to. E creative and some are saying they don't like and I should use a classic design
  9. Ok and does anybody know if Conrad has a dayton font
  10. for hawaii id enlarge the island and maybe put the h in the biggest or put it in partially
  11. can u not see it heres the link