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  1. heres daytons basketball court
  2. here are the breast cancer awerness unis
  3. heres the away unis
  4. here is the special event uniforms
  5. updated home unis and i know i was trying something different
  6. heres my dayton home unis
  7. ok sorry ill try to do better this is my first concept and yes ill take a lot more time sorry
  8. ok ill try and take more time my idea was to update each one after i posted them all and thanks for your suggestions
  9. hers the drake bulldog update i meant to post with shoulder pads
  10. here is marist university ok thanks
  11. heres morehead state
  12. updated dayton
  13. updated drake football uniform
  14. hers drakes football field
  15. up next the drake bulldogs i used the old bulldog logo cause i thought it looks good
  16. i updated it i put white stripes on the helmet and shoulders and shrank the lettering
  17. Ok and thanks this is the first topic I've posted
  18. hres my first of my pioneer football league uniform redesign first of dayton i added new helmets and used the old UD logo