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  1. Did everyone else get a personalized hanger effect, or was it just me? 9.5/10 The white stripes on the blue jersey could have been done better. The white jersey is perfect, which is what is most important to me. It's my all-time favorite jersey for anything.
  2. Because the team has been a total dumpster fire on and off the ice for the last 8-10 years. I'll just be over here breathing into a paper bag to calm myself down...
  3. The reason for it is obviously terrible, but I'm enjoying this weirdness. This is the kind of stuff you hear stories about from back in the day, where even major league teams were held together with bubble gum and duct tape. Not knowing where a big 4 team will play a week before their home opener is wild.
  4. OITGDNHL What a kick in the teeth to the seven teams that are going to have 10+ month offseasons.
  5. Pretty much rock bottom for Sabres fans. The rumor/theory reported on the radio is that Botterill was let go after being given the vote of confidence three weeks ago because he wasn't on board with "streamlining" the organization. This meshes with the firing of the Rochester GM and coaches today. Then, they bring in a new GM without interviews who (admittedly a former coach and player) didn't seem to be on the GM track. The owner's original business was fracking, and that can't be going too well right now. Ten years ago, he famously said that he wasn't buying the teams to make money, and if he wanted money, he would "go drill another well". Combine all that with the article a while back about the toxic culture at Pegula Sports & Entertainment and the deep cuts during covid time... it's bad. There's a 100% chance they set the record for longest playoff drought in NHL history.
  6. Absolutely. Raise the banner.
  7. Bundesliga may not be jumping the gun. Germany let more businesses stay open during lockdown, yet were able to keep their deaths very low. Something something German efficiency.
  8. Every ad on the internet is now for hand sanitizer and face coverings. Since the NBA was big in China, it's possible that the branded face masks already existed for sale over there. I've seen branded face masks pre-Corona for sale in Japan.
  9. At least we've moved on from #[blank]Strong.
  10. When I, a truck driver in Buffalo, pull that number out of thin air, that's conjecture. When there is a consistent voice from experts in positions of authority in multiple locations around the world, that's just the reality we live in.
  11. I understand this is an unprecedented situation to moderate, but I think this is a strange tack to take. You know darn well there are people here who don't think this is serious. We're two or three days removed from a basketball player testing positive after touching everything in sight to mock the threat. A certain cable channel is literally telling its viewers that it's a political plot and a North Korean bioweapon. Sticking to the facts without the context in this situation (I think) would lead to underestimating the problems society faces. The facts are that a few thousand people in the US are sick and a few dozen have died is not that noteworthy in a country of 350M. The context of every health expert telling us this is going to get worse is the reason everything is cancelled. The facts are the tracks are clear; the context is every expert in the world says there's a train coming.
  12. The goal in cancelling large events is precisely the opposite... they don’t want massive waves of patients that would overwhelm the health system. In Italy, every patient cannot get the care they require because there are so many. If they are actually successful at slowing down the spread of the virus? It could be a while.
  13. Would you settle for Bulls who happen to be blue? On an XFL-related note, I heard two 50ish employees at the hardware store talking about the records of various XFL teams today. I can safely say that had never happened before with any of the other football minor leagues.
  14. Was there a theory he wouldn't be? That contract is a monster.
  15. The points record is certainly further from reach, but the goal record is still a tall challenge. It wasn't that long ago that Ovechkin looked like he might be headed downhill himself (IIRC he had tough times when Trotz took over in Washington?). Ovechkin has basically 700 goals, and only one other active player has more than Crosby's current 455. Yeah, I do think it's surprising that the goal record is possibly within reach. Comparing records across different eras is hard. I wouldn't put asterisks next to new records (maybe for steroids or other cheating), but it's totally part of the conversation. It's nice to be able to shut off that part of my brain in this instance, because virtually all variables make it harder for Ovechkin.