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  1. Is this your first rodeo? If the white jersey has all black elements, then the swoosh will be orange.
  2. A million K-pop stans have already registered online for tickets to the first game.
  3. It really is OITGDNHL because it was the perfectly crazy way to screw this up. It would be one thing if they ended a random hooking penalty early, but they ended a penalty because they admitted that a goal shouldn't have counted without taking the goal off the board. The old standby was to say the call was bad, but them's the breaks. Nothing we can do. It was absolutely no comfort at all when your team was the one that got screwed, but it at least had a certain logic to it. What happens the next time they try to pull that? We 100% know it's not true now! They can just do whatever feels good! Can we dress our healthy scratches for the third period? Next two minute power play uses major penalty rules? Both make as much sense as ending a penalty 5/8 of the way in.
  4. And just a short two days ago, we would have said there were only two options. It's kind of comforting that there's an unknowable Option 4 floating around somewhere in the ether; we just need to wait for OITGDNHL to rear its ugly/beautiful head again sometime in the future.
  5. Did the broadcast last night mention that the Bills were the one who traded the Patrick Mahomes pick to KC? It's brought up surprisingly little, and I'd rather not hear it 37 times a day now the entire off-season.
  6. At least the Bills won't have to play Tom Brady.
  7. Football people are, by and large, meatheads. We see Mahomes as potentially the next RG3; football players/coaches see a guy that WANTS TO PLAY!!! and they imagine the next "Brett Favre throwing 75 touchdowns the game after his father died" story.
  8. This is exhausting. I haven't had to care this much about sports in like 15 years.
  9. !!! I thought he was crazy for bringing that INT out of the end zone!
  10. We're just course correcting after 2020.
  11. Do you have access to a folding table?
  12. Wow. And the Bills used the timeout we all thought they had to burn to "ice the kicker" and take away a pretty long passing play. Hot damn.