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  1. Remember like three or four years ago when the league fined players for appearing at a fantasy football event at a casino?
  2. 1,000,000,000x this On a related note, ticky-tack late hit penalties when someone is running down field or headed out of bounds. A true late hit is abominable; a hit on a guy that's one inch out of bounds is practically required. THEY LITERALLY BRING OUT CHAINS TO MEASURE THE SPOT OF THE BALL DOWN TO A FRACTION OF AN INCH.
  3. Even if there was a "normal" amount of outrage over the Saints-Rams PI, we'd probably have PI reviews now, anyway. It's not exactly unprecedented for rules to change in a reactionary way after a big screwup.
  4. Now that you've gone and jinxed it, seriously everyone should look at this schedule: Miami Philadelphia Washington at Cleveland at Miami Denver at Dallas (Thanksgiving) Baltimore at Pittsburgh at New England Jets If they don't at least go 10-6 (6-5 the rest of the season), heads will roll.
  5. Forgive the possibly dumb question, but is there an accepted history about where this modern student-athlete model came from? It's not as if it's some obvious cornerstone of the college experience. TAs don't lead recitations for free because they love anthropology or whatever.
  6. Did they borrow Lou Lamoriello's trap door to make bad players disappear? He's been awful this year.
  7. I wouldn't go that far- Allen didn't look great in the parts that I saw. Bills fans can certainly be proud of the defense, though.
  8. Maybe a dumb question, but did the Oklahoma team actually pay for that old Las Vegas Aces concept from the boards here?
  9. I've posted about this before, but it just happened to be in the news again today, so... Space Plane
  10. Surprisingly, I like it. It seems like a clever, simple logo, instead of “font —-> helvetica ——> done”. The italicized characters give it some life, and they fit together for what I assume will be the app icon. You can’t deny having a little square representation of your brand is important these days. And I don’t know if this is intentional, but my favorite part is that the y being the way it is mimics the way exclamation marks are done ¡en español!
  11. They could use a little self-flagellation for losing the equivalent of two seasons in less than 20 years.
  12. The white face mask ruins the navy/white Rams helmet; it’s too busy to appreciate the horns. With a navy face mask, it’s top 10 (navy/gold is better, though). With a white face mask, it’s bottom 10.
  13. I've been thinking maybe the CANES jersey is a sign of things to come. The NHL/Adidas have shown us that the white jerseys don't sell well. They had a big, splashy reveal for the Adidas home jerseys. For the road whites? Eh, you know... whenever you get around to it. So I wouldn't be surprised to see more teams take this approach to try something different on the white jersey to try and move them. Or maybe it's an isolated incident, like the other times teams haven't watched their home and away, and I'm just yelling at clouds. You decide.
  14. Just make officiating less excruciating, and you'd have an intriguing TV product.