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  1. Well, Ragin' is right there in his name. I guess we shouldn't be surprised.
  2. DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?! The Sharks really deserved that one; they were driving the pace in OT, no doubt.
  3. AKA the Sharks winning a single game. You really commit to the bit, I have to hand it to you.
  4. ... and that's why I said "seems strange", instead of going out in a blaze of glory.
  5. Seems strange to even want to lock this thread at this point. This is the place to discuss sports news, and this supernova blowout of a league folding is right up our alley.
  6. Things must be really, really bad in Costa Mesa... they resisted this change for how long!?
  7. It has been mentioned, but we just did Ted Nolan 2: Electric Boogaloo. Bringing Ruff back would be truly desperate; he really hasn’t had any success since leaving Buffalo.
  8. The pretty logical assumption was that the Sabres were looking for an experienced head coach after whiffing on a hire that had no previous NHL head coaching experience. Now, with Quenneville, Vigneault, and McLellan off the board, that leaves... *crickets chirp*
  9. That's the really crazy thing. The Lightning played most of the series like they all had concert tickets for the same night as Game 5.
  10. Jon Cooper has a flight to Buffalo to catch.
  11. Yeah... they probably should have done it in the regular season after they clinched.
  12. The only question left is do I use Boomer or Stinger for my avatar?
  13. I didn't have any ill will towards the Jackets at all, but I was basically ready to cede the playoffs to the Lightning. Once in a while, the best regular season team should win in the playoffs yada yada yada. This is absolutely delicious, though.
  14. I never realized how much Ralph Krueger looks like a guy named Ralph Krueger. Anyway, he's left his soccer job and apparently he could be the Sabres' coach.
  15. I hate that I can't quit this thread.