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  1. He paid a fine of about $1,650. To be cynical, I think the crazy part is Bergevin still took him at the higher end of where we was projected to be picked. This is a guy with a quasi-sexual crime on his record, and who literally asked to not be drafted a few days ago. Was he that much better than the next person on the Canadiens' draft board? Edit: And Bergevin worked for the Blackhawks back in 2010. Niiiiiiice.
  2. Prerecording the reveal of your big secret in a crowded, public place... what could go wrong?
  3. I tried to find details about what kind of XFL assets were actually sold without reading an entire court filing, and I saw that they still had nine employees while in bankruptcy. It's a tiny connective thread, but The Rock and his partners bought an actual business that was still paying employees. This isn't like dusting off USFL identities after 40 years.
  4. Jesus, I hadn't heard anything beyond the "something with his head, maybe his chest, maybe he fell". Then, I look for an article, and find this gem of a quote from an officer involved with the case: "Police in Novi, Michigan, said the mortar-style firework tilted slightly after the fuse was lit and started to fire toward people nearby on Sunday night. Meier told the DailyMail.com that alcohol is not believed to have been a factor in the mishap." **A wedding reception on the Fourth of July!** And the police almost immediately say alcohol was not a factor.
  5. Historically, it was pretty irrelevant (Paul Kariya being a big exception). I remember when the Sabres had Hobey Baker winner Brian Holzinger come up in the mid-90s. As a little kid who assumed the relationship between college hockey and the NHL was similar to college football and the NFL, I was a little disappointed. As college hockey has improved, though, it now seems to be maybe a 50% chance of being an impact player.
  6. This is what struck me watching the highlights. I know it's outside, but it's kinda crazy to have thousands of people on top of each other outside when the end zones inside are still covered in ads. Can they not just require vaccinations to get in?
  7. I'm thinking of the Kings' first Cup. They were the 8 seed, then went 12-2 in the first three rounds of the playoffs.
  8. When has a team ever dicked around with a Vezina finalist in the playoffs the way Vegas has with Fleury?
  9. He didn't just go there; the hockey arena is literally named after him. I don't remember all the details, but his wallet basically built the serious Penn State hockey program before he bought the Sabres. They'd probably give him a good deal, the same way the Army decided not to go after the Golden Knights and the owner just happened to be a big donor to West Point.
  10. If the Sabres can play a home game at Citi Field, why not have the Bills play in the middle of Pennsylvania?
  11. "The plan for a new stadium does create a problem. The lease at Highmark Stadium expires in 2023. That leaves at least one season, if not more, where the Bills would not contractually have a facility for home games. There will almost certainly be negotiations with Erie County and New York to extend the lease for the intervening years. However, the team is prepared to consider other options for home games. News 8 has been told that Toronto and Penn State are both possibilities for the Bills should they need a temporary home. It’s still a path the Bills would undoubtedly prefer to avoid." This is an oddly specific passage. It's not that the current stadium needs to be torn down to build a new one; it's an island in a sea of parking. Just that a short lease extension needs to be negotiated in the next two years, and the source already name dropped two temporary home cities? I thought the relationship between the Bills and the county was pretty good. Furthermore, it seems like a deal to get shovels in the ground for a new stadium would be much more contentious than an extension for the old stadium. Like agreeing to get married, but breaking up because you can't agree which car to take to the restaurant. This is probably the best situation for everyone, so I'm cautiously optimistic. Not wasting money on a retractable roof, not too far from the city, sandwiched between two megahighways for access, room for flaming tables and tailgating, etc.
  12. Anyone else who would like to see this final four re-seeding stick around permanently? I like the idea that any two teams in the league could potentially play each other for the Stanley Cup (if they use one of the previous playoff formats until the final four). You'd be getting a better chance to see the two best teams in the Final, and you'd sacrifice... what? Eastern and Western conference champions? Just figure out a way to decide which team ignores the Prince of Wales trophy and which team ignores the Campbell Bowl and be done with it
  13. The last 15ish years of Stanley Cup champions have been dominated by superstar teams, regardless of what happens this year. You need Anne Hathaway marrying a rando every once in a while to give the rest of the league some hope.
  14. It's been a rule since 1927-28, so you'd have to tell me what it was like before then, gramps.
  15. Two-line pass was 10x worse, although I admit I'm always puzzled by the hate for delay of game. Maybe a one-minute power play would work, but shouldn't there be some kind of penalty for stopping the game? Without the rule, any time a team on defense got tired, the puck would be up in the suites.
  16. If Eichel and Reinhart are as certain to be gone as the media thinks, it could actually be good to have a #1 overall pick that doesn't play right away. If they're both traded, you can't avoid starting a new rebuild. Having a cheap, (hopefully) good player in 2024 or 2025 instead of 2021 will be much more useful in the big picture. If the goal is to convince the current good Sabres to not abandon ship, then yeah they need some immediate impact. Desperately. The other scary thing about Power is he plays at Michigan... is the college loophole still in effect? It would be very Sabres to have the #1 overall pick choose homework over playing for them in the NHL, then slipping away to another team in three years for little to no return.
  17. Another #1 pick will just make it more obvious when the Sabres fail. I wish they could just do it in obscurity, like that team whose name I can't think of right now.
  18. Really bizarre to hear an ESPN talking head calling out NHL players by name. I don't think the Good Canadian Boys are going to like this deal.
  19. Never. Winning the ultimate prize in their sport is absolutely never the worst thing that can happen to a team.
  20. Standard disclaimer that the Seals should really be considered the Sharks.
  21. Right up there with RJ Umberger as a bloodless "worst injury you ever saw".
  22. If keeper leagues were the norm, I could see it happening. Since most people have their fantasy players for only one year, though, I don't think they get that attached.
  23. A little harsh to say they were a garbage dump before... garbage dumps have a purpose.
  24. I said this year that they were a 25th place team that was also completely demoralized, but I'm not exactly eager to name a team I think will be worse next year.
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