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  1. Yeah of course. Here's the image for the champions up until now For the Giants, go ahead and make it for their time in New York as well. Thanks so much!
  2. I'd love to see your take on an all purple LSU. Those helmets would be a pain!
  3. Hey Silent... I'm just getting back into the forums again, so I figured "why not go back to Silent for a round three?!" LSU baseball/football (you know what to do for them) Steelers Division wins and Super Bowl titles (same as last time I think?) Timbers MLS Cup wins and Western Conference Titles Here's where things get a bit interesting... San Francisco Giants Division pennants and World Series titles San Antonio Spurs Conference titles and NBA Finals Championships BONUS: I'm sure you've heard of Veras' AFA. Is there any way that you can make a sig with all of the AFA champions up until 1982? His thread has just recently updated, so I figured that now would be as good of a time as any to ask! Thanks so much man! And as always... your work is greatly appreciated. P.S. If you're tired of making these things for me, is there any way that we could talk a little bit more to work out something where you could teach me how to make these beauties?
  4. Instead of the Bucks could you do the New York Knicks Conference Titles and NBA Finals Victories. Thank you so much!
  5. I haven't looked at this thread in forever Silent! I finally came across it today and it's awesome to see how big this has become. Great Job with all of these! I do; however, have one last request... I promise this is my last one lol. Can I get: LSU Football and Baseball national championships Milwaukee Bucks Conference Titles and NBA Finals victory (1971) Houston Astros Conference Titles Pittsburgh Steelers Conference Titles and Super Bowl victories Portland Timbers Conference Titles and MLS Cup victories
  6. I'm with you on New Orleans.. Not only because I live near the Crescent City, but because it would provide so much more "upside" as fantasy football fanatics would describe it. We have the most passionate fans, and can get behind any team that comes to the state (even though there are only 2, 3 if you count LSU).
  7. Wow, that's 399. Don't know how I didn't see that. About the cap logo, are you concerned about the Kelley green not standing out? I suppose I could lighten the green a touch. I think the lighter green would work. Or maybe you could make the front panel of the hat white/cream for something unique to the team.
  8. I saw the name in the title and honestly thought it was something with the arch in STL, which I wasn't really fond of. But this way exceeded my expectations! Great job.
  9. I think this is my new favorite team lol. But this series is the best I've ever seen on these boards! (Even though I haven't been here for that long lol)
  10. I would definitely buy that home hat. Great job with these. The only suggestion that I have would be to put the sock logo on the home sleeve. That's it!
  11. Excuse me, I was just wondering if your National Baseball League thread was dead... If so, that's really disappointing because I was really looking forward to you showing off some of your work! Thanks so much!!

    1. H11K


      No, not dead, just on hold, been on vacation for three straight weeks now.

  12. Maybe for an alternate do just a star kinda like you did for the San Francisco Fire primary!
  13. I was hoping for a burnt orange and white color scheme tbh
  14. The secondary logo looks excellent! I disagree with you in that I think it would make a great sleeve patch
  15. Is there a reason that there's only two uniforms showing? Or is it my computer messing with my head lol
  16. I would agree wholeheartedly with this statement. The neon alternate is a bit garish, but otherwise I'm digging the whole look. I agree
  17. Oregon of the USBL! I love this set. Even though it is a little flashy, it's different from the rest and that makes them stand out. One of my favorites by far! Great job!
  18. That UNc-Wilmington Wordmark reminds me of the new Clippers logo lol
  19. When you update mine you can take off Cal State Fullerton and the Bucks. But if you could use the cap logos for LSU Baseball that would be greatly appreciated!!
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