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  1. I never really liked sodas, but I'd take a Pepsi over Coke The BEST soda I've ever had has to be Moxie. It's even good when it's flat.
  2. Great job! I love what you did with that home kit. Thanks for the sponsorship and good luck on the other teams!
  3. Looks great! Thanks for the sponsorship! I don't mind that you changed it up a bit.
  4. Since you're doing sponsorship requests, Vacos Computers would be interested in landing a team. Let me know if you'd like me to PM you a logo.
  5. It looks good. Hopefully that is what they will look like.
  6. You kinda did the same thing as the popular concept but you just shrunk the logos.
  7. All the people on social media care about is "cutting edge" and gradients and all that stuff. But really, this? Were they created by a 10 year old?
  8. Reynold Beach SC sure is interesting. Just wondering, are you doing the teams in any particular order?
  9. I enjoy all of your series. Great work on the kits! Love how there is 3 tiers. Maybe Taap Wireless could secure a sponsorship?
  10. I think you should move the front numbers up a bit. This may sound strange, but your team is the ANNONDALE Jazz and to the left of your jerseys it says DLETON . Anyway, I am looking forward to this series!
  11. I don't see what you're trying to do.