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  1. Ok hold up. Jake.roo thank you for showing me my pros and cons. I check this to see what is happening But TRoy are you famous do you make animated movies I have been on this website longer than you technically Jake.roo do you ever remember seeing FinsWins10 that's me. I got banned for a jacked up reason. I mean come on are you even a professional logo designer Jake.roo has had some of the best comments I have ever seen real C&C you have no right to talk to him that way and you are what's wrong with the world today because of fudged face people like you. I think truly you are the troll so sayonara and you can't handle it. Oh P.S. you are a bleep and stop acting if you are perfect I started with something bad on purpose do get an idea on what to fix which is why I am going to redraw this GOOD BYE TRoyConcepts aka a cyber bully
  2. Does anyone know how to upload the photos
  3. Personally, I'd use Paint.NET. Gimp is also good, but I feel Paint.NET has a much easier learning curve. All we're trying to do is help you whichever way you look at it, but no matter what we say you ignore us. There are many useful topics on this site which can help you with your creative learning of making concepts. Even if what you created used a template it wouldn't be really all that great anyway. Like Clintau said, a lot of people with very amateur work on this site are the ones that get the most views and comments, while usually the better outstanding work usually goes unnoticed. If I were you, I would just appreciate that and listen to what people have told you. I know that I have helped with this thread more than I should have (this thread should have been deleted once you posted with no images) and yet all I get is insults and unappreciative comments from you. If you ever post in one of my threads, don't expect nothing to happen. Have a great time on this site and I hope that you're work becomes much more presentable in the future. So now you give me good info man where has this website gone. The reason I used the teen excuse is cause I can't pay for anything so gimp might be the best option
  4. It is not and I tried thanks for the encouragement
  5. You guys push me around like I am a puppet I am a freakin teen y'all just get out especially you TRoyConcepts
  6. OK thanks for your contribution to this site! You are a selfish :censored:
  7. Why should I care I am a beginner now I am tired of you and this was created 6 months ago when I was bad and this has changed and I am never coming back. Y'all are probably happy but where has this website gone. At least some people have great C&C. Thanks a lot now this page sucks
  8. http://m.imgur.com/account/FinsWins10/images/YslJk2F
  9. Who knows how to delete a page
  10. Look at this thenhttp://m.imgur.com/EEF1fd3