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  1. Doesn't Atlanta have red socks that they could have worn on Sunday? Enough of this unitard look; what are they, the Saints now? Missed opportunity!
  2. Great discussion. Maybe start a Saints thread?
  3. Wow. "Pats Unveil New Uni Set with Wrong Pants!"
  5. Not a ton of intel here, but some insight.
  6. Don't forget the Broncos. Along with the Cardinals, theirs might be the worst.
  7. Breaking: Saints wearing white-on-white uniforms at Jaguars, but not Color Rush.
  8. This should be good.
  9. Just add white to the inside of the helmet stripe and these are killer.
  10. Interesting. This design would be so much better if someone simply snorted the chemtrails under the logo away...
  11. This just in: The Jets announced they would unveil their new uniforms on April 4. I spoke with two people who have seen them. One said they reminded them of the Eagles’ uniforms. Another said one of the alternate uniforms has black as the predominant color.
  12. Outstanding! That helmet slider really emphasizes the POP of the color tweaks!