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  1. Mono black and mono white are acceptable to me. I don’t prefer it, but it doesn’t look silly like going head to toe in a bright color. I know that’s a hot take around This mismatched jersey and pants is clearly superior though. Dare i says it’s actually really good.
  2. This is an absolute train wreck. Yikes
  3. I’ve heard a lot of people say every team should have an all black alternate.
  4. You’re probably right about the uniform change, but I think it looks great on the retail version. The gradient looks horrible no matter how you present it.
  5. Okay the uniforms have grown on me. Specifically the white on black and black on white. I wish the ATL font was smaller, but just like with 9/10 Nike releases they can’t help themselves but to add At least one bad element.
  6. I’ve come around on them after seeing them on the players. They aren’t good but neither were the last set. I actually think the helmet is gorgeous. Scale down the font of the ATL and the numbers and it’s perfectly passable. Other than the red one obviously
  7. What’s funny is the font is the only part I don’t hate.
  8. The 14th was apparently the date back I’m January for the falcons. The initial plan for the reveal has obviously changed and now the same guy who said April 14th said there’s no date settled on.
  9. No we saw what they will look like weeks ago. There’s been zero leaks with the falcons or chargers
  10. Apparently the falcons don’t even have a set release date
  11. This is the only falcons logo concept I think is actually an upgrade over the current one