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  1. It was the Hawks I believe. There was some espn article about the rebranding years ago that said they were looking at doing it.
  2. It’s actually the same font as the baby blue jersey which was the major fan favorite last year. I whipped these up really quick in 2k based on some other branding of the g league team. I’m betting the final uniform will look close to this.
  3. Could this be a sneak peek at what the next hawks uniforms will look like in 2020-21. Most G-League teams have the same colors and font as the main team
  4. With all of these 90s throwbacks, I hope these are making a return. The hawks social media has brought them up a couple times this offseason.
  5. I literally never heard of Nipsey Hussle before he died. Actually he was in the pilot of Crazy ex Girlfriend but I would have never guessed he was famous.
  6. @Conrad. any chance the hawks will still roll out the blue throwbacks? The fans really embraced them.
  7. No way. I like to switch up the jersey I see at the games. And I try and wear the one my team is wearing.
  8. Think this is an upgrade from a C- to a C. Was it worth the trouble? I guess
  9. Ive often said the Hawks should be red and yellow, but I think this would be the best route for the franchise to go. This could be a brand that sticks.
  10. The blue stuff flies off the shelf at the arena. Hell Im wearing a blue Trae jersey as we speak.
  11. I don’t know what the colors will be, but the owner said it on the radio today
  12. Hawks are getting new uniforms in 2020. You heard it here first. More official news will come later today
  13. These are actually pretty good outside of the black one. I would have rather seen a white helmet, but I like them.
  14. Any idea if there’s going to be a Hawks change?
  15. Bayhawks are moving and becoming the Skyhawks