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  1. Berkshire Hathaway's website is a good example: https://www.berkshirehathaway.com/
  2. I feel like Spotify are notorious with terrible redesigns where they always seem to remove important functionality
  3. All the logos and jerseys are beautiful and they're all great upgrades over the old ones. My favorite jerseys are probably St. John's third and Gainsville third. Great job overall! As a small piece of feedback, when you have the time, would it be possible for you to try the Tampa Bay logo without the text in the middle as it might be too small to read otherwise? Also, removing the red border for the circle that contains the pirate ship could be another improvement. Thanks in advance!
  4. Finally, I present you the kits for the final team in the series, St. Louis City. I wanted to incorporate the Gateway Arch into the kits to give them a unique and distinguishable look. On the away kit, as silver is an underutilized color throughout the league, I used the Arch Steel color the club has on their color scheme. The multi colored arch is a play on sunlight hitting the Gateway Arch. I decided on using St. Louis based cereal manufacturer Post Consumer Brands as a sponsor for the kits. After I designed the jerseys, I noticed that @Midwest_surfer also produced a similar concept to mine here with the arch positioned slightly differently. I just wanted to let everyone know beforehand that it was never my intention to copy any concepts, wanted to give him a shout-out and urge you to check his beautiful concepts as well! If you all think the designs are too similar, I would like to apologize in advance and I would be happy to come up with new concepts. Thank you for your understanding and I hope you enjoy the kits! Thank you very much! That was the exact look I was trying to go for Charlotte and am very happy that you felt that way. Thanks a lot! Glad that you liked the concepts. It's an honor especially hearing it from someone like you, and I'm looking forward to more of your concepts as well! Thanks for the valuable feedback, the details being too small and the lines in the hair were the only concerns I had regarding the Charlotte logo, as I am not too experienced in logo design, I tried looking at examples which depict human profiles in logos, such as Olympiacos, Ajax and Gent, however I wasn't able to find a reference which I can use. I will make sure to revise the logo when I have free time.
  5. That Sounders jersey is beautiful! Shame about the white sponsor and numbers though...
  6. In my case, when I was a child, I always thought it said "Disnep".
  7. My money is still on ads being placed under the number, similar to what we saw last summer.
  8. Beautiful, I have to say that I am also a big fan of the Spurs script that you came up with
  9. Returning to a blue jersey is a positive but I'm unfortunately not a fan of the side panels. I think they would've been better off doing the exact jersey below:
  10. It's baffling how they just use pink minimally. They have the most unique color in the entire league and they are not using it.
  11. Something like this evoking the strings of a guitar would've been ideal for Nashville.
  12. Here are the kits for Austin FC who will start playing in the MLS this season. For the home kit, I used their unique logo to create what essentially can be considered as a striped kit. For the away kit, I was inspired by the architecture of the Texas State Capitol Building (which is located in Austin), particularly one of the door hinges. Hope you like the kits! Glad you liked Charlotte and thank you for the suggestion! That is a very good idea and was something I was considering, I will try to work on it as soon as possible.
  13. These concepts are all fantastic, the only feedback items I can give are that you might want to slightly increase the name and number font sizes on the back as well as moving them slightly upward (like the jerseys here, except for the Iniesta one where the name is too high up). Also, if you don't have a specific reason for doing so, you might want to save your images as PNGs instead of JPEGs to prevent any loss of quality (especially on images that use red or blue, like the Solvang home jersey). Keep up the great work!
  14. Such a shame that the presence of the Nike logo has ruined the Lakers retros. The Los Angeles script should be way higher, look at how empty the right side is: Now compare it with the original version and the previous remake. I know the cut of the jerseys also play a factor here, but it is really noticeable compared to these:
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