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  1. 1 hour ago, d11king said:



    I was not a fan of the purple jersey when it was announced, especially with the purple socks and accessories, but this is a much better look. AD’s look is perfect, especially with the white socks. Think it looks a lot better on the road..


    Ps: I’ve been talking about white on the road being an annoying look at times, but I realize because of the Lakers colors (specifically) teams would need to wear white since the colors won’t contrast.. 😔


    Also AD's black undershirt is helping complete the look a lot here...

  2. 28 minutes ago, hendocfc said:

    San Jose and Seattle wearing their change tops while their homes don't even clash... nothing to see here *eye roll emoji*


    Most likely reason why Seattle wore their away kit because it is "sunset" themed and the game was being played on a sunset. 🤷‍♂️

  3. On 3/7/2019 at 7:03 AM, Froob said:

    That Dallas jersey he gave Wade is one of the worst of all time. Probably the worst Nike jersey so far.


    The jerseys that had "DAL" on the front were way worse if you ask me

  4. On 2/3/2019 at 11:49 AM, vtgco said:

    I haven't seen this series before, and you've got some cool stuff!


    That pattern on the LAFC away is great!

    I don't think it works quite as well on the home; it just ends up looking like a weird contour map.


    Love the Minnesota north star jersey, the SJ away shorts, the Toronto Blizzard fauxback, and the Houston space shuttle away!


    I think white shorts would work better with Portland's subtler plaid.

    Philadelphia's set is really weird. I'm not sure about it, but it's definitely unique!

    I like the seafoam color of the Seattle away.

    Vancouver's away is really nice! Maybe try continuing the pattern downward with sublimated lines?


    I'd be curious to see Miami!


    Thanks for all the nice comments! At first I wasn't going to use the pattern at all on the home jersey, but decided to apply it regardless to mimic the 1992 Adidas template. Maybe a subtler application of the pattern could've been better. For Portland, I wanted a darker jersey to contrast the home jersey that already has white shorts, but I think it could be a good idea to balance the kit out. I will post the jerseys applying your constructive feedback after some time.


    11 hours ago, MJWalker45 said:

    I'd love to see the back of FCC's home kit. Is the back solid or would you keep that slash across the back?


    Ideally, it would look like the following with the slash and the color split:




    9 hours ago, vtgco said:

    These Cincy jerseys look pretty good, though the away looks a bit too LA Galaxy for my time. Having blue shorts and some more diagonal stripes would help!


    I was actually planning to apply three stripes as a sash similar to this Arsenal jersey, but it took too much space on the kit. However, I will apply the feedback and post the adjusted kit shortly, alongside your other comments.

  5. On the opening day for the MLS, here are the jerseys for FC Cincinnati. On the home jersey, I based it off the jersey worn on their impressive 2017 US Open Cup campaign; and on the away jersey, I mimicked their logo using the sash. I hope you like them!





  6. After a very long break, here are the jerseys for LAFC. For both jerseys, I have decided to use an Art Deco pattern inspired by the city's architecture (where the logo draws its inspiration and if you ask me which is what separates LAFC from LA Galaxy). For the home jersey, I based it off an Adidas template used in the 90s (also used in this year's MLS Homegrown Game) to evoke the idea of wings as a reference to both Los Angeles and the club's logo. The away jersey features a separate application of the same pattern.







    I hope you like the jerseys; when I have free time, I am planning to work on Cincinnati and might work on the other expansion sides afterwards.

  7. Here are the jerseys for the Portland Trail Blazers and for them I wanted to give a different twist to their traditional sash. The City Edition is based on Portland's nickname, Rose City, where I used rose gold and have drawn the sash using thorns.





    Thanks for all the comments, I'm glad you're liking the jerseys! Here are the Sacramento Kings jerseys with the updated wordmark:




  8. After a long break, here are the jerseys for the Brooklyn Nets. For the home and away jerseys, I tried to combine the Brooklyn Bridge pattern that was used in last season's City Jersey with the old New Jersey Nets jerseys which had a net pattern on the side panels. For the wordmark, I used a font similar to the subway inspired baseline font the Nets used last season. The third jersey is a homage to the tie-dye jerseys Drazen Petrovic wore, while the City jersey is inspired by subway station mosaics in Brooklyn using the colors and the border from the seal of Brooklyn.




  9. 14 hours ago, upperV03 said:

    Getting back on topic, NYCFC has some new white socks for their primary kits that they wore on June 3rd against Orlando, and then again on Saturday against Vancouver:



    Personally, I’m not a huge fan. For one thing, I’m not really sure why they felt the need to add them to the rotation since there isn’t a clashing issue with the light blue socks, and since they already wear the light blue/white/light blue alternative combo quite a bit. Also, I don’t think the white socks fit in that well with the rest of the kit. At the very least the Adidas logo and stripes should be navy to match the shorts, and I’d probably make the band below the stripes navy as well.


    Looks like they just used their old socks here.

  10. Group A:



    Saudi Arabia



    Group B:






    Group C :






    Group D :






    Group E:


    Costa Rica




    Group F:



    South Korea



    Group G:



    United States



    Group H: