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  1. Massive downgrade imo
  2. Wow, these are really solid! All of them are great but number 5 is my favorite.
  3. Great work on all the jerseys here, maybe try making the color of Portland's Rip City jersey silver.
  4. Oh God, those Adidas third kits are horrible...
  5. I think the new number font they're using would look better with this wordmark
  6. Really cool stuff; I did something similar to this a few months ago, I really think this should be the way to go for the Rockets.
  7. I like the colors but don't like how Umbro is pushing the same template to every team.
  8. I really like the latest batch of jerseys, especially the Lakers and the Hornets. Maybe drop shadow numbers for the Lakers and non-italicized numbers for the Hornets might look better?
  9. Love the spider web on the hats!
  10. I don't like how green the socks look compared to the jersey
  11. Utah and Atlanta are amazing! This is one of my favorite series here, I always look forward to see what you came up with whenever I see this thread updated, great work!
  12. Really like the Grizzlies and the new logo you've designed for the Magic!
  13. I like how the sleeves look like eagle feathers; probably done to refer to the club's nickname, Las Aguilas (The Eagles).
  14. I love how out of the box these are, can't wait for more!!
  15. Ooooh, I really like the Fire jersey, can't wait to see more!
  16. Nice start here, but I think that if the Nike logo is black in the away and third jerseys, they would look better. After you make the Nike logo black in the third jersey you might also want to center the Nike logo on the chevron. Looking forward for more, keep up the good work!
  17. I really like everything you posted, but for Halifax, I would suggest you to flip the part where it says "Football Club" upside down. Can't wait to see more of these, great job!
  18. I also thought gold would look good on these, but then went with black based on the lines of the court. Here are the jerseys using gold accents:
  19. While watching the NBA playoffs and seeing the Rockets with their alternate jerseys, I noticed that their home and road jerseys were outdated and were due an update. So, I decided to redesign the home and the road jerseys based on the design of the alternate and their new court. Here are the jerseys, I hope you like them:
  20. Looking even better now, great job on all of these!
  21. Thanks for the feedback, glad you've liked the jerseys. Here are the tweaks you've suggested, I have to say that the jerseys look way better now:
  22. Here are the jerseys for Minnesota United: The home kit uses the wings of the loon to create a chevron. The collar and the cuffs of the away kit mimics the stripes on a loon's neck, while the third kit draws inspiration from the state's nickname "The North Star State". The kit features the Northern Hemisphere sky with the North Star in light blue (similar application to Porto's away kit this year).
  23. Moving on to the expansion teams, up next is one most exciting teams in the MLS, Atlanta United: On the home jersey, I was inspired by the city's motto, "Resurgens" opting for a phoenix pattern on the stripes. For the away jersey, I went with a classy look using gold; and I decided to make the third jersey peach colored, inspired by Georgia's nickname, "The Peach State".