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  1. Moving on to the expansion teams, up next is one most exciting teams in the MLS, Atlanta United: On the home jersey, I was inspired by the city's motto, "Resurgens" opting for a phoenix pattern on the stripes. For the away jersey, I went with a classy look using gold; and I decided to make the third jersey peach colored, inspired by Georgia's nickname, "The Peach State".
  2. Up next are the Vancouver Whitecaps: I did two different applications of the mountains in the logo, where I was inspired by the Umbro jerseys in the 90s, I hope you like them. Thanks for the comment, I will do a version without Chief Seattle in the socks shortly.
  3. Cool designs here, but you might want to decrease the opacity of the mesh dots on the jersey and the shorts to make them look better. Keep up the great work, can't wait to see more!
  4. Wow! I really like these, especially the home kit, great job!
  5. Toronto third looks fantastic, great work!
  6. IT is wearing an old jersey where the NBA logo was still on the front.
  7. Here are the jerseys for the Seattle Sounders: On the home jersey, there is a polygonal emerald pattern in the middle, while the away jersey pattern draws inspiration from the city flag.
  8. FC Dallas and NYRB are amazing! Great job!
  9. I really like all of these, great work!
  10. As some MLS teams are starting to reveal their jerseys, I decided to do some more concepts to try and finish up the series before the jerseys are revealed. Here's the Philadelphia Union: For the home jersey, I decided to imitate the stripes of a rattlesnake (which is on the club crest) using the center stripe design of the club. For the away jersey I went for a simpler look using a polo collar and a pattern with the rattlesnake featured in the crest. Not too sure about the execution of these jerseys, but I hope you like them!
  11. Nice start to the series, but I would move the Adidas stripes to the shoulders instead of the sides and apply the design to the stripes on the shoulders (center stripe being yellow and the other two being green). Really liked your series last year, can't wait to see more!
  12. It has been a great thread, I really enjoyed every single jersey you have done
  13. Even though FC Dallas looks like teamwear, I still think it looks pretty cool. Colorado looks awesome too!
  14. Great work on the Eastern Conference jerseys! Maybe you might want to make the crests a bit larger as they look kinda small compared to the real life jerseys. Looking forward for the Western Conference jerseys, keep it up!
  15. Love NYCFC, great idea incorporating the city flag on the collar and the cuffs! Also I really like the first Revs shirt you posted. Can't wait to see what's next!
  16. I originally did it that way, but thought the shirt became too complicated, so I then decided to tone it down on the body of the shirt. Here is the pattern consistent across the entire shirt: Here is the pattern consistent across the entire shirt, but toned down: Please let me know which one you think looks better
  17. After a one month break, I'm back with some more designs. Here are the jerseys for the Portland Timbers: For both jerseys, I was inspired by Portland's nickname, the City of Roses. Therefore, I decided to do two different applications of the thorn pattern: in the home jersey the thorns form pinstripes, while on the away jersey I tried to reference the name of the club by mimicking lumberjacks' shirts (I hope it doesn't look that much of a cliche) while using the thorn pattern at the same time (similar to this season's away jersey). I hope you like them!
  18. Solid concepts so far, can't wait to see more of these!