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  1. I've been following this thread for a long time, amazing stuff with all the kits and logos!
  2. I think it would be better if you could do different patterns for different teams
  3. Cool stuff, the only thing I don't like about the last batch is the usage of home colors for the Inter and Milan third kits. Apart from that, great work!
  4. These are fantastic! My only concern is with the Tampa jerseys, it's a bit hard to differentiate the home and road jerseys. Can't wait to see more!
  5. I love Slovenia, Scotland and South Africa, great work!
  6. That looks pretty cool, thanks!
  7. Both kits looking pretty solid, really liking the hoops for FC Dallas.
  8. The Fire kit looks amazing! Great way to incorporate the idea.
  9. Great work on the home kit, looks really cool! Can't wait to see more of your work!
  10. Fantastic work on this series, I really enjoyed it! As a request, could you try to replace the red on the back side of the Diamondbacks with a darker shade of teal? I edited my the comment just after you saw it, looks like it got lost between the posts. Thanks in advance!
  11. Love the Brewers numbers, great work all around! Though I'm not completely sure about the back side of the Diamondbacks, maybe try grey or a darker teal?
  12. Thanks for the comment; that idea sounds nice, I will be trying it later on. Here's the SKC jersey, I will be posting LA Galaxy later with @FlyingLamprey's suggestion:
  13. Here are LA Galaxy's jerseys: On the jerseys, I used two different applications of the zig-zag pattern on the Los Angeles city flag. I tried to give the away jersey a 90s feel as the leaked Germany jersey suggests that Adidas might be giving clubs 90s inspired designs for next season.
  14. I like the sublimated cheetah spots but I think both kits would look better if you used some more green.
  15. Both French kits look amazing, nice work! Egypt's logo looks pretty cool too
  16. Thanks, glad you're liking the kits. I am not too sure about making goalkeeper kits; because most of the time they are just recolored versions of the same template as there is only a single manufacturer doing the kits. Up next is Sporting Kansas City: The home jersey is relatively simple, featuring the KS-MO state line which I think is a really unique idea to implement on a jersey. The away jersey draws inspiration from Kansas City's nickname, "The Heart of America". Arteries and veins are extended from the logo on the left side of the chest to the other parts of the jersey.
  17. I really like the home kits for both Ivory Coast and the Czech Republic, nice job
  18. Nice to see more soccer concepts on this board, I really like how you're predicting the teams according to their qualification groups. The Argentinian away kit looks very cool, love the flag on the middle. Though you might want to try a striped back for the home kit instead of solid light blue, as I don't really remember them using solid colored kit backs (Though it then might look too similar to the current kit they're wearing). If you still want to use solid backs, white could also be a good idea. For Australia, I really like the designs on the away kit. I also agree that the sublimated Southern Cross works better on the home kit. Fantastic work here! The argyle on the Belgian away kit looks great, maybe try making the collars on both kits black to balance out the flag colors on the home kit, and to place emphasis on the design on the away kit. You might also consider changing the sleeve stripes to black for the home kit to balance out the colors even more. In the Bulgarian away kit, I think the giant stripes alongside with the Adidas stripes on the sides are a bit too much, maybe try ditching the Adidas stripes on the side and placing the giant stripes in such an angle such that they are continued on the shorts as well. Their shorts are also a unique and an unusual look. I will definitely follow this thread and can't wait to see more of your work!