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  1. Here's my first concept, I had a lot of fun redesigning the team; hope you guys like it! Old: New:
  2. Stockholm's logo looks pretty cool imo:
  3. Cool stuff, I really like the Bemidji logo, but I think you'd be better off changing the kit template. It looks sloppy as the shorts and the socks are flat while the shirt isn't.
  4. Nİce work, but I think that the stripes should continue at the back (and maybe on the sleeves).
  5. Way better than the old template, keep on improving! I really like the bridge design.
  6. I agree, there are too many teams that wear red, white and blue in the NBA. All the uniforms in this thread are lovely, but I especially like the side details on the Warriors and the Sonics uniforms. Keep it up!
  7. Really nice work here, but I think that the gradient on the Brazil away kit is a bit too much. Maybe try a blue to green gradient with green shorts and socks?
  8. I'm 90% sure thats not the mls font but it is hard to tell from here, its fine either way. That's not the mls font Here is a comparison between the two fonts, looked kinda similar to me, sorry if I am wrong.
  9. Some nice shirts here, but you might want to change the player name font to a different font rather than the MLS font.
  10. Some nice kits here! I would recommend you to use a lighter shade of black, so that the stitching details are more visible. For the Bayern kits, I think that the Bayern logo should be smaller, and it would be better if you added the stars on top of the logos for both Bayern and Dortmund. Keep it up, can't wait to see more!
  11. Lovely! Glad that horrendous neon yellow/green is gone!
  12. Queens Park looks nice, but I think that the red Emirates logo on the away kit looks a bit out of place. Would be better if it was navy imo. Keep up the great work!
  13. Paraguay looks great as well, but do you think that two-digit numbers would fit the white space at the back?
  14. Hi! Great work here, love the template. Will there be a .psd version available?
  15. Love the Texas third kit for FC Dallas. Keep it up!
  16. Brazil looks nice, great work! Regarding the criticism on the Argentinian kits, you might consider adding a pair of white shorts to the set to be worn on occasions where clashes happen.
  17. Love it, great work! Can't wait for the other kits!