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  1. #RaptorsWin #wethenorth #raptorsvsnba #northovereverything @ Toronto, Ontario

  2. "Gimmie Pizza!" - Andi Bear @BTtoronto #BTPizzaPizza @PizzaPizzaLtd

  3. UPDATED Raptors X Timberwolves mash up logo. #raptorsvsnba #hybridlogoseries #Toronto…

  4. UPDATED Raptors X Cavaliers mash up logo. #raptorsvsnba #hybridlogoseries #Toronto…

  5. "Its murdahhhh" - Ja Rule ? #goldenretriever #murderinc #jarule

  6. UPDATED Raptors X Trailblazer mash up logo. #raptorsvsnba #hybridlogoseries #Toronto…

  7. RT @nbcsnl: Dave Chappelle and @ATCQ are here next week! #SNL

  8. I decided to continue my previous Hybrid Logo Series on my hometown team, Toronto Raptors. Here are all 29 NBA teams mashed-up as a Raptors logo. You can catch a closer look via my instagram @mmmonggg or website LET'S GO RAPTORS
  9. Blue Jays Hybrid Logo Tee Black Friday Sale by JohnMongDesigns via @Etsy

  10. You are correct! Duly noted and the change will be made.
  11. The Jays and Raptors crossovers are very nice, but I'm not sure that I want to see the 16-time Grey Cup champions (who have actually won something this millenium) associated with the Buds. Something about the L on a shield just screams "Losers" to me. lol. Well said.
  12. Although I first posted the Boson/New England Hybrid logos it all started off the with my hometown, Toronto. I needed/still needed to tweak of the logos but here they are anyway. Toronto Raptors (Blue Jays) Hybrid Logo. I red did the font and use the Blue Jays logos clean line for inspiration but still can't not totally happy with it. I kept the original Raptors colours but this logo also looks good with the Blue Jays colours (below). This one is still a work in progress. I've been having a hard time getting this one jusssst right. Thoughts? Here's the logo in the Blue Jays colours with a different mouth. Which colour way do you like best? Toronto Blue Jays (Raptors) Hybrid Logo. \ This is my personal favourite. Using the original Raptors logo as inspiration by keeping font, layout, the legs and head position and making The Blue Jay hold a baseball and wear a baseball uniform. I kept the Jay's colours minus the red. Toronto Maple Leafs (Argonauts) Hybrid Logo. As dull as the Argos and Leafs logos are I did have to do something. Here I used the current Argo's logo, changed the "A" to a "L" and added maples leaves to the border of the shield. Toronto Argos (Maple Leafs) Hybrid Logo. I didn't have much to work with the Leafs logo. I re-did the entire font since its not available anywhere to download. I turned the Leaf into a "A" and kept the side of the leaf design so it didn't just look like a boring "A". Toronto Maple Leafs (Argos Classic Logo) I prefer the old Argos logo to the current one so I had to do another Maple Leafs Hybrid Logo based on the old one. Instead of the Argo I replaced it with a hockey player holding a hockey stick and a shield (couldn't think of anything hockey-ish to replace the shield). The helmet is changed to a hockey helmet with a leaf branded on it. Stuck with the old Argo colours. The line work needs to be cleaned up a bit. Thoughts, praise and criticism is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Just re-did the Toronto Raptors x Toronto Blue Jays Hybrid Logo. Made sharper lines and re-did the font. My big issue is what colour way looks better? You be the judge! Classic Raptors colours? Classic Blue Jays colours?
  14. Cali is a tricky one because there are so many teams in different cities. This will be determined at a later day. Stay tuned via my social media pages.