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  1. Funny how everyone is biased towards the black outline on the Chiefs helmet. If the outline was originally yellow no one would want it to change. We’re letting nostalgia and the idea that we can’t update a “classic” get in the way here.
  2. Jeez man you’re still upset about the whole cowboys thing? Obviously we don’t agree on things so just let it go
  3. I wasn’t really trying to start an argument so I’ll just stop it here. Didn’t mean to disrespect you or anything. Btw I look forward to your best and worst uniforms picks every week so keep up the good work ?
  4. A uniform is supposed to be “uniform”, but I guess you’re allowed to excuse the cowboys because it’s a good uniform at its “core” ? idk you do you man
  5. Well you say that you don’t like the jets-dolphins matchup because the dolphins uniforms are boring but if the jets were playing the cowboys it seems as though you would excuse their uniform flaws. Not trying to stir anything, your opinion is yours.
  6. But you love the mismatched cowboys? Interesting...
  7. The Chargers are already wearing navy. They need to bring back the original powder blues if they want to distance themselves from the Rams.
  8. Similar to how Dominos changed their name to just Dominos rather than Dominos Pizza
  9. My bad I guess I simply figured you didn’t see it before I checked
  10. I don’t know if you saw it or not, but they missed a little paint on the facemask of the helmet
  11. Does the silver helmet on that Panthers uni not throw anyone off? It looks so unbalanced...at least they’re wearing blue socks
  12. He’s probably referring to the fact that madden lists it as a color rush option
  13. Nostalgia > aesthetic and morals, at least according to the fans
  14. Navy socks would make that Nats uni a whole lot better. It looks so unbalanced with a light cap and socks but a dark jersey
  15. Do you think you could add in the 1971 Lower case logo and wordmark?