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  1. I knew I would find one eventually. Contrary to the other sports, USC uses a heavy dosage of black in their uni set. Also, Hawai’i follows a nice green/red scheme.
  2. Field for PAC-12 Championship is ready. Endzones=great, midfield=bad.
  3. Intentional leak of the Sounds new hat/logo. Total downgrade so far.
  4. Vandy doing the flag desecration thing this week. Would much rather them do military patches and veteran name plates, like they did last year, instead.
  5. Alright, I’m sold. At first I hated them, but these are just too good. Will still be interesting to how they react with stadium lights, though.
  6. I’m a student at Austin Peay (and actually designed some of the baseball team’s new uniforms). This uniform set is years ahead past uniforms the team has used, and the red jerseys are actually a really good look. The “Gov Head” logo, which is underused compared to the “AP” and “Gov Head and Shoulders” (actual name) logos, along with the black outline on the AP, are the most questionable aspects. There’s also word floating around the football team of new black elements being added to the set, assumed to be debuted at the home opener next week that has been touted as a black-out.
  7. Will probably be the only combo they look good in.
  8. Solid new look for Ball State.
  9. Wait a minute… is that a Nike swoosh on the Colonel’s trouser’s?
  10. What is this? A jersey for ants?
  11. Iowa State looks immensely better on a human.