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  1. I like the satin finish on the Viking’s helmets, but the rain in Seattle has made them look glossy and it’s such a good look.
  2. Closer look at the helmet. Previous black helmet was matte, new lid is gloss with some serious gold flaking (which in itself is a throwback to when the black helmets were first revived years ago).
  3. New black helmet for Vandy. StarV and anchor stripe are replaced with throwback script and Nashville skyline. There were rumors months back that a full throwback uniform was on the way, but Covid my have thwarted those plans and left them with just the decals.
  4. Name is different, logo is good, but I’m not feeling the word mark.
  5. The University of Virginia has unveiled a new branding system.
  6. Not sure if this matches what was posted earlier, but this is the supposed leaked secondary logo.
  7. A quick photo manipulation shows a couple things: Flying Elvis on the sleeve, shoulder stripes, and a similar number typeface.
  8. I just find it funny that on every photo, at least the ones I’ve seen, they’ve posed the red jersey with the model’s arms blocking the gradient. You’d think that’d be a feature they want to show off.
  9. The thick stroke on the numbers is really sharp, and that red top just pops. This is how you do a “plain” uniform successfully.
  10. Haven’t seen that full-body logo on the cap before. Really like the look of it.
  11. Here's the only mention of a new logo I could find, mentioned by the baseball coach on some very bad baseball hats. It looks like they started rolling out the new set at least December of 2018. The script was also on some the baseball team's uniforms last season. Script isn't bad, but the monogram is awful. Overall, it's such a huge downgrade from what they had.
  12. My word. “Flash Fast” on the pants is terrible.
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