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  1. Haven't been on here for ages, and got to say you're still killing it with the work. Everything looks great to me, just the Toronto home font. The silver looks very off putting for me and clashes with the whole kit; I would rather see it white with a navy border and somewhere around those lines.
  2. So any photoshop templates shall work on GIMP, they are known as PSD templates as Silence of the Lambs has stated.
  3. Lester B. Pearson High School (Calgary AB)
  4. You are truly amazing. Brilliant work, I commend you for it. One thing for the chin, that edge is a bit too point for me, just the edge. Other than that, this is just stunning.
  5. With a realistic template texture is a must, Yes.
  6. Yeah I'm really sorry, I've been crazy busy. Now that my marks count in school and such I have to put everything aside since my grades are currently my number one priority. Any time I'm really free (which, I'll be honest won't be frequent), I'll try my best to release designs and such. Sorry for the mishap and letting people down. Hopefully you guys can understand that. And thank you for the heavy support, again I'll try my best to get some designs through this year, and continue this thread...once again great apologizes. Ad I'll still do the update for the third jersey. Thank you
  7. I decided to place the logos on the sides, because everyone wanted me to. For the silver, yes it is a reflective material. Because I got a good amount of C&C, for my edit I had to take in everyone's ideas and place it into one jersey, and because of that I did not follow everything given. I thinned out the stripes as you said, but didn't remove any silver. Some people enjoyed it and others didn't mind it. The main reason why I decided not to remove it, was that the silver is a big point in a firefighter's uniform, and taking out of the jersey really removes the whole point of it paying homage to the firemen. But I did choose to cut it out in areas where there are letters on top, since I found that to be the main point in the cluttering. As for the rear I took your whole idea into consideration since no one, but you, commented on that. By taking Wgeddes advice of cropping the stripes, and Token's of removing the green in the collar, I hope I toned down the green a bit more. Thank you for the kind words. Did what you said! Unfortunately I won't. When it comes to making logos I'm not the best, and my updates wouldn't always typically be updates. Not only that, but I've already tried making logos in GIMP, and found them to not be cleaned up, for some odd reason. If I had to make logos I would use inkscape, which I'm still in the early process of learning how to use this program. I like that you brought up this point, but although I would love to do such a thing, I really can't. Thank you for the kind words. I took your advice on the alignment of the badge and Nike logo. As for the actual design of the badge itself it isn't completely made by's actually the official Fire department badge, all I did was change department into FC. I decided not to change it since this is a main part into paying homage to the firefighters. It would also be very unique and could be a good selling point as a collector's item for the fans. I actually thought about your idea before I posted the design, but decided to go with this one, hope you don't mind. Also thank you for the kind words. 1. I was thinking about that, I might just do the expansions after I finish all the official teams. 2. Yes they all will, but you might notice I'm very slow. 3. The template outline was made by a really good Indonesian designer, he allowed me to use his template, but he gave me a completely messed up recycled file. I don't know if this was something to do with my program, but I had to redo the whole template and convert it into my own. So instead I basically used a picture of his template to create one just like it. Hope that answers your question. Chicago Fire Third (EDIT) So Thank you all for the kind words, and for the C&C. The most I've gotten in this forum. I was going to make separate edits for every individual but that would've taken a long time. Instead I tried combing all the C&C I could, without any of it clashing with one another. To be honest I feel like the final product isn't as great as I wanted it to look. I also kind of like the original more than the update. I don't want to throw more words, since I think I've done that a bit too much. Instead I'll leave you to inspect the jersey one your own. Tell me if it needs some work since I think it does. I do have one thing I just noticed...I need to bring up the nine. Thank you for your time, and as always I love me some C&C.
  8. Ohh, don't say that. C&C is always welcome, and no matter what I anyone should always share their thoughts and ideas. I enjoyed your C&C, and I always find any criticism helpful in making me a more attentive designer. For your first point I completely understand what you mean. Never have Fire added navy to their jerseys, but for the past few years they have, and for that reason I wanted to mix both the classic era with the modern one to make every fan happy as much as I can. I find the hint of blue giving a nice little kick of character to the jersey, and as I said before I didn't want to over do it. As for the second point, I understand how you wouldn't like the Chicago flag design since it clashes with the women's team, but I payed close attention to the response the star jerseys have been getting from fans, and till now I haven't seen someone bash it. That's why I thought it was a good idea for me to make such a jersey. And you are correct, Fire has the Fire department type imagery, and that's why you might like the third I just did, since it focuses a lot on that. And I'm sorry I didn't get your third point, could you elaborate. Thank you for the kind words, you yourself are a great designer. I've been watching your work ever since you started. C&C is what makes us all great designers, and I love hearing it no matter what. Hope you like the alternate jersey. Greatly appreciate the comment and the kind remarks. Glad you liked it. Sorry for the unexpected and unwanted hiatus, I was going to release this jersey on the 2nd, but all of a sudden GIMP froze on me, and the whole file got corrupted for some odd reason, leaving me with almost nothing. So all my work was gone which really pissed me off. That's why I took a break and redid the design…thankfully I didn’t lose everything. Chicago Fire (Third) Here is the final installment of the Chicago Fire jerseys, which is the alternate. This one is an out of the box design that I’ve seen a few designers do. I also liked the thought behind the idea of this, so I made my own rendition. The home was supposed to be modern, the away would be classy and the third would be out of the box. My initial design for the alternate was for the jersey to be going back with the Nike roots of turquoise/black/green for the original team concept named Rhythm, but I thought it would upset the club, because they never really liked it to begin with. This jersey is to honor the men this team is named after. The jersey resembles a firefighter’s coat, and has many elements to honor, not only the firefighters, but also the team. The badge is based off that of a firefighters, but instead of department, it says FC. I decided to place the badge and Nike logo in the centre. The striped design is flashy, under a blackish grey base, showing how all out Chicago can be. On the back the stripes still go around the sleeves and rear of the jersey…just like that of the coat. Just under the collar there is a mixed motto between Fire FC’s motto and the Fire department’s. It states, “The Fire, there when needed” (to the fans). This jersey is a either love or hate situation. My Issues… · Should I place the badge and Nike logo on the sides rather than centre? · Do the stripes seem a bit too thick? · For the back, should I remove the stripes, and place the name on the bottom while replicating the Chicago Fire Dept. (with dept.) wordmark on the top? · For the firefighter’s pants the stripes are horizontal not vertical, should I make them horizontal or leave them vertical? Once again I would love to see more C&C that is always appreciated!! Thank you to everyone who has given it.
  9. Chicago Away (EDIT) I listened to your guys' feedback, and decided to change the kit. Although I still like the original more, I'm still going to listen to the C&C, and take it into hands. Thanks for being a causal follower, greatly appreciated. I did do what you recommended. I tried that but it also felt very crowded. Instead I just decided to remove them completely. I have enough stars throughout the uniform, so it really doesn't matter. Thanks a lot for the recommendation! If you read the first post in this forum, all I'm trying to do is use Nike as the manufacturer. I am not trying to replicate what Nike does to teams and their jerseys, since I find that to be very dull, boring, and lacking creativity. I'm also not using any Nike templates, all I'm doing is placing their branding throughout the jersey. This is because I get much more freedom when designing. All these designs are something I would do, not Nike. I know Nike is quite conservative, and like to keep many jerseys simple, too simple in my opinion. As for the away, I took your advice and flipped the base and secondary/third colours of the jersey. Changing everything from the chest stripes to the stars and name/number plates. I honestly don't like it as much as the original. Why I chose to use the Chicago light blue flag colour instead of the white, is because Adidas has already messed around with the away jersey's original colours enough, so taking the risk of making it the light blue is something I felt wouldn't hurt the team. The original Puma light blue got a great reception and so did the 2015 away with hints of it, so it wouldn't hurt to try and change it. Mostly because many people from there are very prideful. As for the third, since I made that the away light blue, I wanted to go as out of the box as possible. I was going to go with the Nike roots of turquoise/black/green for the original team concept named Rythm, but I thought it would upset the club, because they never really liked it to begin with. Instead, because they are named Fire, in honor of the Chicago Firemen, I'm deciding to go with a Chicago Firemen coat/uniform...which I've seen many designers go with and it looks stunning. Would love to get more feedback, as usually I'm very hungry for it...and it doesn't seem like I'm getting enough. Please and Thank you.
  10. Thank you for all the C&C, although I would honestly like to see more. Oh and Soflo, I can’t believe I never saw the silly number mistake, I just updated it haha. As for the MLS badge it is meant to be like that. Many designers show the full badge so people know exactly what it is. Chicago Fire (AWAY) Very sorry for the long wait. I honestly had loads of difficulty with this design. Once again, I had multiple ideas in my mind, and they all really didn’t turn out great on screen. I couldn’t think of something innovative. My original plan was to make the home unique and modern while the away classy, and the third out of the box or flashy. I think I kinda achieved that, but not to the fullest. So here is the away jersey I came up with, not even close to being my favorite, but this is the best I could come up with. Since Chicago’s away jerseys have been alternating in colours I decided to pay homage to the Flag of Chicago, not only is it unique, but also a fan favorite. Coming from a flag design, I wanted everything to stay classy with hints of detail. The jersey is sporting a polo collar. With the light sky blue as the main colour. I made a white sponsor rectangle that has a Chicago star sublimation in red, very light not to affect Quaker. On the bottom is the simplistic red line with Chicago stars pattern. The line is based off the Nike 2000-2002 line of jerseys. The main hints of red cuffs and hem of shorts gives a stylish and bold look to the jersey. These also sport some stars on their sides (if you look closely). The number and Name plates also have a red border. Finally to put an even bigger emphasis on the stars I added them on the back of the shorts, and collar of the jersey. My Issues… · I feel like the sublimated stars behind the sponsor are not necessary, and make the jersey quite clumped. · I don’t find the design innovative, but that’s just me…you tell me what you think. Once again I would love to see more C&C that is always appreciated!! Since I’ve been getting a lack of it.
  11. I actually enjoyed the gradient, it's a different take on Azul's normal looking jerseys. The only problem with the gradient was that it shouldn't have been on the number and name, since you already made the logos one tone. I also think the stadium is a neat idea, and the whole jersey is a different yet nice take from their normal ones. I too wished there are less sponsors, but you can't do anything about it.
  12. You've been doing a great job so far, for Queens City the badge needs a little bit of work. I like the idea of the outer Q in the logo, since it stands for Queens you can make the inside circle a C which would stand for City. That would make it a lot more innovative and nice. While the inside seems a bit too plain, maybe add FC, or make the words larger. While I do like the font on the numbers, they don't match the name fonts, I don't know if you used two different fonts, but I recommend keeping the number one since it fits well. Apart from that, these look great. Keep it up.
  13. So here are the updates you guys asked for, from the start I also did feel like there were parts missing blue but I was too afraid they would clump up the jersey. Oh well you guys decide. Anymore C&C, I would love to hear some? Chicago Fire (HOME/EDIT) Once Again, more C&C is always appreciated.
  14. This is some great work. Your presentation is outstanding, the league is amazing, and the logos are boldly beautiful. What can I say, keep this up.
  15. I’m back and I just want to say thank you for all the feedback and support that I received, mostly for a soccer concept, since they aren’t really popular on these boards. I don’t know if some of you noticed there is a difference between the banners, and for the ones who did I too think the first is better than the second, but without further ado, I present to you Chicago Fire Home. Chicago Fire (HOME) So this idea came up to me pretty quickly but it was jumbled in my head. I wanted to mix two slightly iconic eras for a classy team. Unlike many other MLS teams Fire is quite old, and they have been pretty conservative with their home jerseys, until Adidas took over. What I did was mix the 1999, 98, 2000, 2011 eras by taking the conservative Nike Fireman chest look, in white and added a little gradient hint of the 2011+ era with the blue. I had a lot of difficulties putting it on the computer but thankfully I pulled it off. For the collar I used the v-neck collar which lasted a while for the team with their unbelievable MLS cup and US-Open wins (shocking for a very young team that joined the same year). The sleeves also resemble the old Nike Fireman jerseys, and on the back of the collar there is “The Men in Red” wordmark/motto. For the font I tried to use a simplistic one, with the Fire badge on the numbers. My Issues… · I feel like I am missing some blue fades on the shorts. · I wanted to put a dashed line going through the numbers, should have I done that? Hope you guys like it. And as always, I would love to receive as much feedback as possible, and a healthy amount of C&C is gladly welcomed. I’m sorry I’m not the quickest with these, I tried my best to do it in a day’s time. Oh and don't forget to zoom in for details.
  16. That's a lot better, I would recommend adding a glossy shine to it so the colors don't look so dull. I also agree with Jake, change or lighten up the bird's colour, this is getting better already.
  17. MLS REDO BY NIKE Summary of Myself Hey ladies and gentlemen, you might know me in the boards as a soccer (football) enthusiasts. Before I joined I use to watch the boards for over a year, to sum it all up I’ve been designing since I was six, but all was on paper. And when I decided to learn programs like GIMP I got more and more into these programs leading me to start a post were I would take soccer teams and imagine their jerseys as basketball ones. It got a good amount of publicity which I want to thank all who gave feedback. (Please Read This Section) I’m a very big amateur compared to others on these boards when it comes to such programs and even design as a whole, so I get limited fairly easily when it comes to my thoughts, unfortunately. I’ve been off and on the forums for a while now, because of the loads of school work and some problems with wifi. Currently I have many ideas in my head of some topics, such as redoing my whole high school’s sports teams and logos. Also as a kid I had this fictional sport in between futsal and soccer (football) with fictional teams and players and jerseys etc. which I kept going for about three years, which I want to now revive, but with a lot of things on my hands I decided to do something more simple…redoing the MLS. What this is about I don’t want to waste any more of your time, so to put simply, this is a redesign of the current MLS teams. I wanted to do other leagues but I know MLS is a bigger fuss on these boards since most of you are from North America. All I am doing is redoing the MLS jerseys and that’s all. The only twist is Nike is taking over. Adidas has been holding the MLS for quite a while now, and so what if Nike takes over. With this I will also release third/alternate kits because the league is expanding rapidly. These will still be designs from my own head, and also templates from my own head. I’m not trying to recreate how Nike would design MLS’ jerseys, since I find their jobs boring most times. All I’m doing here is replacing Adidas with Nike for some freedom through my work. Thanks and as always I appreciate a lot of feedback and reception, besides it is what drives me to keep doing these. Scheduling Some of you might know from my last topic I'm slower than usual, since I like to take my time and not pressure myself to a point where I will get bored of what I'm doing. Unlike other topics I don't finish the whole series before I post it because that would literally take me over three months to make. Instead I like to do it while I get feedback, this is because my ideas and designs don't come quickly, and because I'm using computer programs rather than sketching. Teams (In Order): Eastern Conference Chicago Fire (Home, Away, Third) Columbus Crew SC D.C. United Montreal Impact New England Revolution New York City FC Orlando City SC Philadelphia Union Toronto FC Western Conference Colorado Rapids FC Dallas Houston Dynamo LA Galaxy Portland Timbers Real Salt Lake San Jose Earthquakes Seattle Sounders FC Sporting Kansas City Vancouver Whitecaps FC So instead of leaving you hanging, which is always a bad thing to do, I’ll present to you the banners that “supposedly” got released to announce Nike is taking over MLS kits and gear. Sorry for the choppiness I would love some feedback on it tell me which you think is better… oh and I will try to release Fire’s home in a few days. Thank you for your time!
  18. For a start, the first thing I noticed were the legs, they seem too 2D like, in a way were I find 4 legs on one side than 2. I would recommend giving some shadows and shade to emphasize the form of the dog. I'm guessing your trying to make the dog look vicious, but instead I see more of a smirk on his face, if that's what you were going for than you hit the spot, but if not try to show the teeth in the smile, that would make him look more furious. As for the bending leg, it looks too short and floppy. Hope I helped.
  19. Welcome to the boards, this is a good start. For a league that is increasing in popularity with the rivalries, and quality of teams the current logo they have makes sense. You started off with a good start but we're living in the 21st century and having a logo with colour and more depth would be really useful to bring more attention to the league. This is Mexico we're talking about, it's full of a colourful culture and I would recommend using that as your first resource.
  20. First off thank you MChrome for your patience and understanding. I would say yes, by a whole lot. It also always depends on the user, so check it yourself and see if you feel comfortable with it.
  21. You're not off to a bad start. I'll give you some pointers: Some soccer national teams do not have a crest, and so they would literally place their flag as the badge instead. You must have a badge and so either you make one or simply put the flag on top of the heart, it's important to have a connection to the team, and a badge is a part of it. Secondly the sizing of the logos, the Nike logo should just be scaled a bit down, compared to the sponsor. Bank of Montreal looks too small. For the back, the number and name should always have the same font for consistency. Lower the name just a bit and bring the number a bit closer too. I don't know if it's the font but the number looks too narrow, in contrast to the jersey. Finally on the away it would be nice to see a blue or red Nike logo, and the third to be orange on the jersey and that settle yellow on the shorts. Also make the number and player names to be the same colour. Fix those and you're off to a great start.
  22. Can I just say, I am very, very, very sorry about the late reply. Since this post I have been really busy with school and haven't been on the laptop for a whiiiiile. So if you're still up for it, I would love to send it again, just when summer break starts fro me, which is just around the corner. Once again very sorry, not only for the late reply but also for the unwanted bump.
  23. Okay thanks. I actually hate their uniforms and that awful shoulder logo, but I just thought it was worth asking. True lower brands such as Macron, Kappa, Lotto and so on have horrible and annoying branding on their jerseys compared to the big three, but Macron have some very well done kits, as far as designs go. Look at Sporting's away and home jerseys, how well detailed and and designed they are.
  24. Soccer templates to be released in the next few weeks. Hang tight! Sorry for the late reply, thank you my man!
  25. I take the jersey color and make it the "primary" color. Then I "swap" the colors. At this point I use the color picker and get the jersey color. Then I click on "more" and darken it slightly. Then I leave the primary and secondary colors where they are at this point and choose the paint bucket. From here I go up and choose the Button that says fill (By the tolerance meter) and choose Percent 05. If I need to darken or lighten the color I do it then. Hopefully this helped!I'm guessing you're using Illustrator or a vector program of some sort? Thank you for sharing.