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  1. I get the same vibes as someone answering a “But what do your tattoos MEAN?” kinda question. “They mean I like tattoos I don’t know??”
  2. This STINKS! They have such a good looking set of hoops usually… woof
  3. Aged like cheese left outside in a Phoenix summer
  4. As a born and raised resident of Phoenix (until this past year), the Valley is perfectly acceptable. Especially with the “Valley Boys” bubble run happening so recently (Suns in 5 ) (knock on wood)
  5. Agree to disagree my friend, I guess football coaches just don’t know much about football
  6. I realize that this is the “hindrance” you’re talking about. What I’m saying is that it if it was this huge, game changing problem, the players OBVIOUSLY wouldn’t do it with so much money on the line. The coaches would OBVIOUSLY say something, and it just wouldn’t happen. But it seems like getting dragged down by their jerseys isn’t a big concern it terms of performance/dosent happen that much, so oh well Again, I get your aesthetic problem with it. But pretending you know more about “the distinct performance difference between an untucked jersey and a tucked jersey”, than actual NFL players, is silly.
  7. Intentionally hinders their performance get OUTTA here lmao, it obviously isn’t a massive hindrance if athletes with millions of dollars on the line are doing it. I’ve gotten to the point where I understand your distaste for the trend and I respect that, but pretending that it “shows their lack of intellect” is really silly.
  8. Normally I’d agree, but I think it works for Germany. There’s something really sleek and industrial about it, like a Porsche or something hard to put my finger on it
  9. I hope you’re asking the original authors for permission to use their concepts.
  10. The issue is it’s not going to be a much of fun, colorful, interesting looks (except gaudy color rush options like Seattle). It’s going to be the occasional throwback, and a TON of Blackout and “Stormtrooper” looks. I dunno man, this could be tough.
  11. Pretty boring logo for an event called “The Rainbow Cup”
  12. Got a couple more today. Also I've decided the revision process (for logos) will happen as I make uniforms, by the time the uniform is done the logo set will IDEALLY be finalized as well. So please don't think your awesome C&C is landing on deaf ears, just figuring out the best way for me to complete this whole lil project! Memphis State University Flyers Location: Memphis, TN Affiliation: Grand Old South Colors: Olympic Gold, White "Double Trouble" - Otis Rush I've avoided using city names as school names for a while, but certain areas just scream for the use of the city name, Memphis is one of them. Egyptian themed sets for Memphis have been kinda overdone, but still wanted something ancient feeling. Ended up using the Greek God Hermes (The Messenger God, fitting for one of the main Fedex hub in the US) for a pretty traditional look. Not super sold on the secondary, I just thought a winged shoe would look too similar and feel a little redundant. University of Utica Gladiators Location: Utica, NY Affiliation: Power East Colors: Black, Victor Gold "No Quarter" - Led Zeppelin Another city named school, this could be a theme for this post... but it made sense! I also just really like the name "Utica", and with its ancient roots I wanted to use something from history as well. Enter the Gladiator, specifically a "Murmillo" helmet as the primary. Secondary is a sword with a victor's wreath. University of Charleston Cannoneers Location: Charleston, SC Affiliation: Grand Old South Colors: Brick Red, Black, Cannonball Grey "The Rifle's Spiral" - The Shins I promise there won't be another city themed team for a while, but again this just seemed right! Identity derived mainly from For Sumter, located right off of Charleston's shores. The primary is pretty self evident, the secondary is a crest based entirely off the walls of fort sumter. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!
  13. Saw this on Instagram a while ago, was wowed then and looks just as good now! Super crisp and clean, but still fun and interesting. Boone got a good one for sure
  14. Might be my favorite concept of yours so far, not exactly sure what the Aztec-north Carolina connection is but aesthetically it’s off the charts. Well done!
  15. This already looks like a lot more effort was put into it, nice work! Definitely looks better than their normal set, just can’t flip the D logo b/c letters can’t be flipped and still make sense
  16. Thank you so much! Glad the color swap didn't ruin the integrity of the set Definitely going to rework the secondary saxons logo, might've been a case of overdesign. Thanks again! In the next round reworks those hands will be reworked, maybe some thumbs? But thank you! Unsure what outline I'll be going with for SSU's final incarnation... but glad to hear the Fruit Bats are getting some love again (In all honesty I hadn't listened to too much of them before you commented, that was VERY silly of me). DTU and RMSU will be tweaked accordingly! Tri Rivers gave me problems for sure.. the carving idea is a good one. Thinking about a different name as well, but we will see. Colors are staying for sure! Thank you! I'm going to tinker with Polaris, a state outline as well as some circular-light kinda stuff will be tried. I really appreciate that, the programs I use to make these are pretty barebones so I had to get really good at blocking with shading to make my concepts worth a dam The key really is to imagine a light source coming from one direction... and lots of practice! Always appreciate your thorough feedback, thanks for stopping by as usual! Thank you so much, glad it turned out as well as it did in my head! Decided to get some more uniforms rolling, enjoy! Georgia Atlantic University Herons First real modern set of the series... think it turned out well! Happy with how the geometric wing patterns turned out, the lavender makes them seem a little shimmery. Lots of uni and pant options, plenty of mix n match opportunity. High Plains University Sauropods And on the exact opposite side of the spectrum, High Plains! Very traditional, black cleats and all. Wanted to use the yoke area stripes to make the whole thing seem "tall" (like a long-necked dinosaur possibly). The blue helmets will be used very sparingly, but I think they're a good looking change up. Alabama Baptist University Bloodhounds Mix of traditional and modern to round it out. Flag pattern on the shoulder caps, one of the few non-white away jerseys in the Federation. That wraps it up for today, thanks for checking in!
  17. I would LOVE a QB wearing 57 for your information... I just hope he’s lineman size as well
  18. These are some *woof* logos. Wish more of these teams went for more localized identities, the history of Europe is too ripe for unique-ness to settle for “Kings” and “Lions” and “Surge”. Blurgh
  19. The “get off my lawn” crowd out in force... There’s really not an argument besides “tradition” to keep the old system. Players are becoming so much more hybridized than they ever have in the past, sometimes seems hard to give them set in stone positions/positional numbers. On top of that, I would assume a lot of these guys have personal connections to their numbers, probably the same one worn in high school, which is the same one they wore in college. If I somehow made it through the entire journey to the NFL wearing 7 as a receiver, against all odds and with all these obstacles, I’d want to keep wearing it. I get why they’d want to keep it instead of wearing 84 cause some other guy did 30 years ago. Maybe I’m just younger, maybe it’s cause I watch more college football than others. Either way, looks like it’s a hit and not changing back anytime soon!
  20. Exactly, maybe double red stripes? Something to break up the monotony of blue down past the knee. As you noted now, what they’re SUPPOSED to wear
  21. Silver socks (metallic in general) wig me out a bit, maybe navy with a thick red band at the top?
  22. Yes he might get very confused and think he’s handing off to another quarterback
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