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  1. Does anyone know what the font is for the names on the jerseys??
  2. Yeah I agree on the too close to the Rangers but that what I was aiming for. I am still trying to experiment with different looks and all. I am also trying to distance myself from circles, squares and diamonds as that is the bulk of what I can do and I want to push myself to learn different shapes.
  3. Maybe someone can help me with this roadblock I am having with a logo. The team is based in New York City and I am stuck at a name and need a some suggestions. Currently I am using Empire as a place holder but to be honest I am not 100 percent behind that name. So does anyone have some ideas?? I want to get away from real life major league team names in the city. Also here is what the logo is looking like at the moment. I have two versions here, one with Rangers colors and the other with the Isles colors. What one is more visually appealing to you? Also what is the better NY logo in your opinion?
  4. So I would like to finally go over my logo for the league. It is very basic in the shape of a baseball. I was looking to go simple and the NHL logo was what inspired me. Originally I had called this project the Continental League of Professional Baseball Clubs but felt it was way too wordy. I have shortened it to the Continental Baseball League. Well here is how the process went for the logo. Well like I said the NHL shield was my main inspiration so I wanted something like that. In my opinion it is one of the better league logos in sport due to its simplicity and that is what I was aiming for. I decided to keep the colors as it feels perfect with the early 20th century motif as it is not super flashy or in your face. In my first draft I liked the design of the logo but I couldn't find a good way to incorporate the name as it felt too big and there was too much space that was unused. I am a cartographer so that really bothered me haha. Well the next one is where I felt real happy with the design as it is very simple and you can tell it is a baseball for the design. I am not sure if adding the United States and Canada is necessary (let me know) but it gives it a complete look. Finally the only major change in the final one is the name change. I just felt CLPBC was just too wordy and a pain in the ass to deal with so I just simplified the name. Let me know what you all think and give me some C&C on my logo choice. I really want to hear the opinions on the US/Canada part!!!
  5. Hey guys sorry for no updates and all but I have been extremely busy but I will be resuming this now!!! The first thing I will do is an update to Montreal. On that I was not really feeling the Royales and wanted to do a spin on the Canadiens but call them the Citidens like at UQAM. Also I will be giving you all an updated logo to reflect a change to the league name.
  6. No and yes there will be a "Spartans" who are temporary
  7. Saskatoon has some good players!! I love that Salo is the goalie
  8. Yeah Totally!! just PM me and ill give you a list of teams and by the time your team arrives I need a backstory
  9. Meet team three the Ottawa Nationals. This will be the final team I unveil as we enter the 1917 season. Reason for this is I want to get this project going and get to a point where my creations are overtaking the already done ones from the OOTP Forum. I have shown BostonStrong13 a few of my future concepts for this series and he thought they were pretty good. I can't wait to show you all them. The Ottawa Nationals are one of the oldest baseball clubs in North America. They started in 1883 as the Ottawa Base Ball Association and have played in many leagues. They have been moderately successful before their stint in the Continental Baseball Union.During the CBU era the club struggled and had many horrible finishes. Their best finish came in 6th place out of 8 teams. Despite their lack of victories since 1910 the team still has a massive following and they do get a decent amount of attendance at the Lansdowne Park. For this set I am not sure what font was used in the jerseys so if anyone knows let me know!! Due to that I decided that Amplify was the closest match in my fonts I have. Well here is the team sheet and I hope to hear some comments and what not. My next post will be about the creation of the league logo and the steps I took and what I was inspired by.
  10. Sorry for no update. I have been busy with work and stuff but tonight I will post a few more clubs and i will be ready to start the first season. Any C&C before I move on?
  11. Sucks to see Saskatoon not make the playoffs. Hopefully next season they can.
  12. I really like the look of Saskatoon. Put me down as a fan!
  13. That Florida is sharp. It has that classic clean look from their early days.
  14. As an Oilers fan I think you did an amazing job with them. I like the idea that you brought back those navy blue sweaters