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  1. Does anyone know what the font is for the names on the jerseys??
  2. Yeah I agree on the too close to the Rangers but that what I was aiming for. I am still trying to experiment with different looks and all. I am also trying to distance myself from circles, squares and diamonds as that is the bulk of what I can do and I want to push myself to learn different shapes.
  3. Maybe someone can help me with this roadblock I am having with a logo. The team is based in New York City and I am stuck at a name and need a some suggestions. Currently I am using Empire as a place holder but to be honest I am not 100 percent behind that name. So does anyone have some ideas?? I want to get away from real life major league team names in the city. Also here is what the logo is looking like at the moment. I have two versions here, one with Rangers colors and the other with the Isles colors. What one is more visually appealing to you? Also what is the better NY logo in your opinion?
  4. So I would like to finally go over my logo for the league. It is very basic in the shape of a baseball. I was looking to go simple and the NHL logo was what inspired me. Originally I had called this project the Continental League of Professional Baseball Clubs but felt it was way too wordy. I have shortened it to the Continental Baseball League. Well here is how the process went for the logo. Well like I said the NHL shield was my main inspiration so I wanted something like that. In my opinion it is one of the better league logos in sport due to its simplicity and that is what I was aiming for. I decided to keep the colors as it feels perfect with the early 20th century motif as it is not super flashy or in your face. In my first draft I liked the design of the logo but I couldn't find a good way to incorporate the name as it felt too big and there was too much space that was unused. I am a cartographer so that really bothered me haha. Well the next one is where I felt real happy with the design as it is very simple and you can tell it is a baseball for the design. I am not sure if adding the United States and Canada is necessary (let me know) but it gives it a complete look. Finally the only major change in the final one is the name change. I just felt CLPBC was just too wordy and a pain in the ass to deal with so I just simplified the name. Let me know what you all think and give me some C&C on my logo choice. I really want to hear the opinions on the US/Canada part!!!
  5. Hey guys sorry for no updates and all but I have been extremely busy but I will be resuming this now!!! The first thing I will do is an update to Montreal. On that I was not really feeling the Royales and wanted to do a spin on the Canadiens but call them the Citidens like at UQAM. Also I will be giving you all an updated logo to reflect a change to the league name.
  6. No and yes there will be a "Spartans" who are temporary
  7. Saskatoon has some good players!! I love that Salo is the goalie
  8. Yeah Totally!! just PM me and ill give you a list of teams and by the time your team arrives I need a backstory
  9. Meet team three the Ottawa Nationals. This will be the final team I unveil as we enter the 1917 season. Reason for this is I want to get this project going and get to a point where my creations are overtaking the already done ones from the OOTP Forum. I have shown BostonStrong13 a few of my future concepts for this series and he thought they were pretty good. I can't wait to show you all them. The Ottawa Nationals are one of the oldest baseball clubs in North America. They started in 1883 as the Ottawa Base Ball Association and have played in many leagues. They have been moderately successful before their stint in the Continental Baseball Union.During the CBU era the club struggled and had many horrible finishes. Their best finish came in 6th place out of 8 teams. Despite their lack of victories since 1910 the team still has a massive following and they do get a decent amount of attendance at the Lansdowne Park. For this set I am not sure what font was used in the jerseys so if anyone knows let me know!! Due to that I decided that Amplify was the closest match in my fonts I have. Well here is the team sheet and I hope to hear some comments and what not. My next post will be about the creation of the league logo and the steps I took and what I was inspired by.
  10. Sorry for no update. I have been busy with work and stuff but tonight I will post a few more clubs and i will be ready to start the first season. Any C&C before I move on?
  11. Sucks to see Saskatoon not make the playoffs. Hopefully next season they can.
  12. I really like the look of Saskatoon. Put me down as a fan!
  13. That Florida is sharp. It has that classic clean look from their early days.
  14. As an Oilers fan I think you did an amazing job with them. I like the idea that you brought back those navy blue sweaters
  15. Team two is the Royales de Montréal or Montreal Royales in English. They were founded in 1910 and are the oldest professional baseball club in league history. The Royales were a founding member of the Continental Baseball Union with the aim of appealing to Montreal's Francophone population. As you know I had them as the Royales but I was in the mood for a change. I picked Citadins for a few reasons. First it is a pretty cool name and has a feel like Canadiens and secondly it is something I think that could work. The idea behind the logo comes from what the Canadiens use. Currently it is jut a C with the initials MTL. It is very basic but it works for the time period.
  16. I have went with your suggestion and you were totally right! I have corrected it in the opening post. I will have a post before I start the season about the logo and why I picked it to be in the style it is. Don't get too comfortable with the Bulls name haha. If you would like private message me and I can give you a list of clubs that you might be interested in "owning" Yep it ignores all real history and I just used the AL and FL as just random names just to fit the story
  17. I could easily say that and that is easier but for some reason I am saying hybrid NHL/NFL is due to the time line of events haha. Yeah you can become an owner!! Just to give you an FYI the first major expansion happens in 1920. If you want to be an owner from the 1920 season pm me and Ill let you know about them.
  18. Well here is the first team!! The first team is the Toronto Bulls. The club is one of the only teams from the first year of the league to survive into the 21st Century but under a different name. The club was founded by Martin O'Brien who is a local businessman that wanted to get a team back in Toronto after the Argonaut Baseball Club was liquidated after the 1916 CBU Season. O'Brien was late getting his club a licence to play in what would be the final season of the Continental Baseball Union so the club barnstormed allover Ontario and Upstate New York during that summer. When he found out about the formation of the Continental League of Professional Baseball Clubs he had to get the team into it. They play at Exhibition Place, a 21000 person stadium that was once used by the Argonaut Baseball Club. This should be an easy thing to figure out but can anyone guess what team these guys are are emulating in the real word?? The majority of this is from the cephasjames uniforms and logos download. In it he did not have an away jersey for the team so I added one. For the TORONTO wordmark on the away I used Baskerville Old Face as it was the most similar typeface that was used in the logo that was already made. There is currently no secondary logo for the club as I really could not come up with any ideas for this time period. Now here is where I need your opinions and criticisms. Currently the team sheet you will see is pretty sad looking and needs a ton of work. I want some suggestions on how it should be improved. Right now I am not feeling it being in portrait and feel landscape would look cleaner. Also do you think I should have the uniform section separate? To be honest here I want to add a baseball template for a full uniform preview especially down the line but I am still learning to make them via Inkscape. I wish I had Photoshop as it seems much easier.
  19. I agree with that. Some teams might have a close name or relationship to their real counterpart but most of the time there won't be any. On Montreal yeah there were the Royals but I liked what was started from cephasjames and I will be improving on the logo and even a color change later on. For those teams in the south they were just there as a place holder for a historical point of view. Even though I don't really want to spoil I have a club coming in the 70s called the Washington Diplomats and the Toronto team will get the name of a old basketball team in the city. Anyways thanks for the comment and if you have any suggestions on team names let me know. I am very open to ideas.
  20. The start of the league: It was a chilly late September evening in Niagara Falls, Ontario as ten men came together for a very important meeting that would change the game of baseball forever. Before we get to this meeting lets look back at what baseball use to be. Since it's creation in the mid 1800s the sport was one that everyone could play. Between 1880-1917 baseball saw a massive boom. From teams and leagues it seemed as if everyone was playing. In 1892 the first three full professional leagues were formed. They were the Eastern League, Western League and Southern Association. The three leagues never played each other and that was fine. The thing was that in the United States there was no true national league. It wasn't because of transportation issues but because of small and petty differences between teams and the leagues. All three leagues had a different set of rules and style of play. Sadly even with opportunities of a Federal League in 1900 and a proposed American League in 1905 everyone just wanted to be in their own region. In February of 1912 President William Howard Taft was able to get the heads of the six professional leagues together for an opportunity of a "National Championship" All six league presidents had agreed to this and the Baseball National Championship was born. The Springfield Senators of the Triple I league beat the Bakersfield Bears of the PCL. It would run until 1916 as the Continental League of Professional Baseball Clubs would be formed a few months later. The clubs of the Continental Baseball Union did not participate in this tournament. It was not until 1909 that the first steps towards a national league would take place. Three teams (Montreal Royales, Ottawa Nationals and Hamilton Steelers) from the Interprovincial Baseball Union of Canada (1907-1909) and three clubs who played independent baseball in America (Rochester Reds, Boston Indians and Syracuse Blackeyes) would form the Continental Baseball Union. The league would stay strong until the end of 1916 when there was a game fixing scandal between Toronto, Providence and Columbus. This caused the Canadian and American Governments to intervene and Toronto would be suspended. Providence on the other hand moved to the Eastern League. A few months later the surviving seven members of the CBU and a new Toronto club begin what would be known as the Continental Baseball League today. Clubs of the CBU 1910-1916 CBU Champions 1910-1916 On February 8th, 1917 in Syracuse, New York the teams would sign the Marshall Agreement that would create the new league. Since President Wilson was busy dealing with the issues in Europe at the time his Vice President Thomas R. Marshall was the key person of the leagues formation. Thanks to his hard work and the talks moving along fast they league would be able to start in May. Rochester Reds owner Edward James Hawley was elected as the leagues first president. His tenure lasted between 1917-1940.
  21. League logo from 1917-1921 Introduction: Hello there this is my first major post here on the forums and I am very excited to present you this project. The league is the Continental League of Professional Baseball Clubs or Continental Baseball League. The reason why I am doing this is I was inspired by many guys on here with their fantasy leagues plus I want to work on improving my graphics creations and this site is the best place for me to grow and learn in graphic design. I am looking forward to your opinions and criticisms so please let me have it haha. Anyways Most of the logos were pre made on the OOTP Forum so I won't be taking credit for their design mostly improving on them and the creation of the uniforms and so on. I will be citing my sources when available. Background: The league is a fantasy baseball league that follows historical elements of the NHL and NFL that start in 1917. For example this league starts in 1917 like the NHL did and in 1920 there will be two clubs from Illinois joining. There will be rival leagues and even minor leagues in the background of this adventure. My plan is to give you all each year in the game and present you new clubs and whatnot. For the first several years between 1917-1932 I will be only showcasing the clubs who are important to the story and not a one off type of club. There will be no drafts or minor leagues until the 1930s. Also until 1932 there will be no playoffs. Other Information: I want this to be active from you all in the community. I see guys like Veras and chrisCLEMENT have an expansion committee. I want to have something similar to that where you all can vote on locations and team names. That won't begin until the 1960s or 70s. If anyone wants to be part of my universe with another sport or rival league let me know!!! Thanks: Before beginning I want to thank the following people chrisCLEMENT for introducing me to Inkscape txranger over at the OOTP Forum: Retro Style Logos and Uniforms thread on OOTP Forums cephasjames also over at the OOTP Forum: FREE: Uniforms and logos for 500+ teams spanning 1871-present and many others Raysox for being another inspiration with doing an OOTP based thing here 1917 CLPBC Clubs Toronto Bulls (1917) Royales de Montréal (1910) Ottawa Nationals (1883) Hamilton Steelers (1903) Rochester Reds (1886) Boston Indians (1871) Cleveland Lakers (1915) Syracuse Blackeyes (1892) LEAGUE CHAMPIONS
  22. I am looking for a baseball template(s) that would work perfectly in Inkscape. I am hoping for them to be between the 20s and today with the style if not that is no issue.
  23. RT @regis: Vote for Regis!!! Is that okay?

  24. RT @regis: Vote for Regis!!! Is that okay?