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  1. So the vote to change the '12 teams for a conference championship' is going to take place on January 15. If the vote does not pass, there is a very good chance that the Big XII expands. Even if it does pass, I'd still like to see the Big XII get back to 12. So my question to everyone is: would you like to see the Big XII expand back to 12, who should they go get, and why? My personal opinion: As much as I'd love to steal other Power 5 teams such as Iowa, Arkansas, or Northwestern, I don't think that any of those schools would leave their conferences for a less-prosperous Big XII. So, I would have to go with Cincinnati and Memphis for the following reasons: The markets in those cities is large and ready for the taking. You can steal the recruiting market from Ohio State with Cincy and from Tennessee and Vandy in Memphis. Breaking into Big 10 and SEC territory with each pickup respectively. Geographical hole-filler between West Virginia and the rest of the conference. Both schools have strong up-and-coming football programs. Incredible basketball history, especially in recent years. The ability to fill the old divisions: North--Iowa State, Kansas, K-State, West Virginia, Memphis, Cincy South--Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech Any other thoughts? Anyone agree? Let me hear your opinions!
  2. It's only just the template/collar: VERY good uniforms. Pssstttt: everyone remember to scoop Tyler Lockett in your fantasy leagues if you can
  3. Apparently Bill Snyder has finally caved and changed the K-State football uniforms ???
  4. I don't know if it's your template or your choice, but typically the socks under stirrups will always be white. They won't match the pant color.
  5. This is amazing. I wish this is what they went with.
  6. 1. White jerseys never go on grey pants. Ever. Use white pants with the white jerseys. 2. White or grey pants. No colored or black pants in this situation. 3. Please don't use a gradient on a baseball uniform. Make it a solid gold. 4. Cap logos are usually very simple, most of the time they are just letters. This is because they are small and therefore very hard to read and/or see detail. Go with the standard P, not the train on the cap.
  7. CallMeT22

    Tigers Logo

    Great improvement, only thing I can point out is the tongue. The red and yellow with a weird tongue gives this a "I can't tell if this is a tiger or a Chinese dragon" feel. Also, only one tooth on the bottom. If you fix both of those, you have a winner.
  8. As a Twins fan, I love the idea of the St. Paul guy on a uniform. That said, I would rather the Twins move back to the Metrodome than see them in alternating pinstripes. If you must do pinstripes, keep it one color. My advice would be to go with baby blues. They wore baby blue against Milwaukee last year and it looked fantastic.
  9. CallMeT22

    Zeus' NHL

    I like the idea of implementing different elements from different eras in the logos (especially Buffalo), but the jerseys need work. Arizona looks like they're wearing practice jerseys. Also, if you're deadest on two Colorado teams, at least give one a Denver title or something. And make one non-mountain themed. Two mountain-themed hockey teams in the same state (and probably the same city) is redundant and unnecessary. Personally, I would only keep one team in Colorado.
  10. Not sure about red pants with gold everything else. All gold everything might be overkill. Maybe try white pants with the gold jersey?
  11. I like that St. Louis has cream. That's tradition for them. The Phillies and the Braves, on the other hand, CFCS.
  12. You have a lot of lines. Take the outline off of the bottom of the eye and the meeting point of the beak and the rest of the head. Thin lines are bad for sports logos. Sports logos are supposed to be bold. That means think outlines or no outlines.
  13. I like the idea of a tricolored hat, but almost no MLB teams use solely a mascot on their cap. The only one that springs to mind is the Orioles, but their bird is highly cartoonized and full of tradition. Everyone else uses letters on their hats. If you insist on putting the tiger on the hat, put the D with the tiger walking through like you have on the chest.
  14. Arizona State wears Wilson for baseball unless they changed it this year. They've had Wilson in the past.
  15. K-State hasn't two-toned purple since Huggins (I think. May have been early Martin years). They've moved on to black and charcoal, both cases resulting in not being able to see lettering or numbers at all.