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  1. Article in the Philly Enquirer about the change from unique Super Bowl logos and how they have taken away from the uniqueness of each individual Super Bowl.
  2. When the players finally boycott the end zones, you know it’s time for a change!
  3. A reminder of what Super Bowl Sunday pageantry should look like here on this fine Super Bowl morning. Note the helmet buggies, fabulous!Hope everyone enjoys the game!
  4. Have to agree that IV is probably the most colorful, eye-popping field ever! XIII was a beauty and I always liked how the NFL logo really popped that year. I think VII is an underrated field with the way the Redskins and Dolphins team wordmarks we’re outlined in white which also made them really pop and with the colored numerals at the 50 yard line. The more color the better, it’s not that hard!!!!!
  5. My all-time favorite detail which I sacrificed in my wish list as a compromise was the NFL footballs complete with Pete Rozelle’s signature on the 35s with the unique Super Bowl logos in there. For this reason my all-time favorite fields are XIV, XV, and XVI even though I’m not entirely sure that the yard line numerals or 50 yard line, 20 yard line, and conversion hash marks were outlined. What amazing attention to detail!
  6. It’s actually correct. The StubHub field is oriented opposite from the tv camera view. The midfield logo should just be upside down. Patriots end zone is by the open end of the stadium with the city view.
  7. the Super Bowl field on the StubHub website is really not bad compared to the actual field and I think I actually even prefer it slightly.
  8. Sorry for all the posts but I don't have all of the field concepts in front of me...anyway I would also replace the current Super Bowl logo with the Super Bowl/peach concept logo that Pitt6Pack did which was brilliant and move those to the 35's, then it would be complete! Thanks!
  9. Actually just get the classic NFL font on the logo (my opinion is the current font is too blocky and corporate) and I'd say it's there!!!!
  10. Those concepts are fantastic and the blue Patriots end zone with helmet logo and the red AFC logo is far, far better than what we currently have as is the Rams version especially the gold one. Highlight the yard lines and numerals and we’re really getting somewhere....
  11. That’s what it sounds like! That’s what the College Football Playoff does and the Power 5 conference championship games. Takes the end zone design of each team’s home field and replicates it. Stupid and non-creative. Only time you get something different is when a team has no end zone design like Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl or Pitt in the ACC Championship. Team owners don’t give a crap about the field and will approve just about anything. They should have no say. Let’s just cut to the chase. Super Bowl end zones should be dueling helmets with the background color the opposite team color of the helmet. Team word mark in between. Team helmet on the left and helmet with conference logo on it on the right. NFC logo should be a lighter shade of blue than the NFL logo. I’d be OK with a large conference logo replacing the right helmet as a compromise to get the rest of this. Each Super Bowl logo should be unique and different and designed by the host committee. Placed at the 35 yard lines so that the ball is placed on top of them for kickoffs. the 20s and the conversion hash marks as well as the yard line numerals (G, 10, 20, 30, 40) should be outlined/highlighted in respective team colors. 50 yard line is outlined in red and blue as are the “50”s. NFL logo sits perfectly between the 45s and while we’re at it the font of the “N” “F” “L” should go back to the previous version of the font pre-2008. Ok to keep the 4 stars though. Done. I’ll supervise this all for free as well! side note—I think the classic Jets end zone, should they have made it to Super Bowl XVII, would have been white background with a black outline to mark the goal line and out of bounds. I know there’s now some rule against white end zones but the league used to be so consistent that I think this is what would have been done.
  12. Finally!! 1). Who decides on the field design? Is there any thought at all actually or do they just leave it to up to “whoever”? 2). What, other than pure randomness or just a lack of attention to detail, caused anomalies like the big empty space on the left side of the Patriots end zone in XLIX or the completely mismatched graphics sizes in last year’s end zones where the Patriots wordmark was much larger than the Eagles? 3). Has there even been any thought of doing a “throwback” style field? 4) why was the classic “dueling helmet” end zone design changed after Super Bowl XXX? 4). Why did the NFL stop allowing each Super Bowl to have its own unique logo? Was it because the design in XLIV was so admittedly bad? 5). Does the NFL realize that the perception of people like those on this forum, the types of fans that “want” to pass on the love of all things NFL to the next generation, is that the Super Bowl field design has gotten too corporate, too boring, and less colorful, and therefore makes the game feel less joyful than it used to? Thank you!
  13. Here's what a Super Bowl end zone should look like:
  14. I always thought the Jets end zone in Super Bowl XVII if they had made it would be white background. Same with the Rams currently in this format. White background, blue helmet and word mark. I don't think there was ever a declaration that white would not be allowed in the end zone as background color and given that it was always the opposite team color from the helmet, the Jets being just green and white would have been white in the end zone.
  15. I've always wanted to see these alternate end zones! I believe the Jets end zone in SB XVII though would have been white. Green helmets, green wordmark, white background. Thanks for creating these!