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  1. ?? https://t.co/JZaAsjesQr

  2. ??? https://t.co/eywTJN7EE1

  3. @Bobby_Fleck I will not be partaking in those shenanigans

  4. @BobbyRosinski how about a statue of Johnny Manziel outside of Cleveland. He can be wearing his costume and holding a bottle

  5. @Espngreeny what are the eagles odds??

  6. @JohnRBielski yeah I just have a negative feeling about him and work ethic, just always have

  7. @Ninosssssssss https://t.co/mCgyHFVPL7

  8. @RobW521 I'm pretty sure it's true

  9. @RZW_Brown https://t.co/nRZoPYbfjw

  10. @SlimDaddyWins thanks for the follow

  11. #booze https://t.co/4OEIWmGazh

  12. #Eagles https://t.co/75RW89V525

  13. #EaglesNation loves you back bro #BleedGreen https://t.co/mus2dOwif3

  14. #ProBowlMVP Darren Sproles https://t.co/P15ak2cQiY

  15. All valid points. Meant Philly hasn't had a fran QB ina while & hopefully won't be ina pos to draft one anytime soon https://t.co/m4mqqoZXG9

  16. Although I won't be mad if he's back, I think I'm moving on from Bradford. Id like to struggle/grow with a rookie. #EaglesNation #TeamWentz

  17. announcer for the #Maryland game talking about a Nebraska player: Call that foul on someone who will only play 5 mins, dont call it on him?

  18. Any of my followers going to be in Vegas in late March? I'm headed that way for a conference. Let's get up for a drink! #EaglesNation

  19. Anyone trying to chat #NFL or #Eagles before I jump off? Him me up

  20. Bitch turn my MF oldies back on, y'all killen my MF vibe... https://t.co/Hqpb3ZuuZJ

  21. Both great picks. Not a fan of Ramsey or Hargreaves? https://t.co/WlAelw1jvI

  22. Can't believe the #NFLCombine is right around the corner! #EaglesNation

  23. Can't take credit & I forgot who said it but Elliott looks good @ 8 with a week 4 bye. No way Mathews stays healthy for 13 consecutive weeks

  24. Correct choice! It's not even close either...? https://t.co/O9dCmRrHVT

  25. Damnnnn Daniel https://t.co/YXVr7Af9Cx