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  1. 21 hours ago, Jake3.roo said:


    Believe it or not, I didnt look at the Titans at all during the process. The little detail spot on the numbers was added to try and tie it to the notches we added to the swords in the logo. I also set out to create a thick number. I was looking at the Jags the other day on TV and thought "man those thick numbers look so good on a uniform!" Appreciate the comment and hope you enjoyed the project!

  2. On 12/11/2018 at 8:16 PM, SNBSlugger said:

    This branding needs to happen right meow.  I *HATE* the move to Las Vegas, and I'm not a Raider fan, but this is a fantastic rebrand and the timing is right.  It looks so sinister and is a great way to usher in the new era of the Black Hole.

    Really appreciate that compliment. We spent a lot of time on this one and its nice to get some great feedback. I picked the Raiders because I knew they were moving, although I thought it would be 2020, the news broke that Oakland is trying to push it faster now. Lucky me :) Thanks again!

  3. 2 hours ago, Suededesigns said:

    The logo is really :censored:in sweet, nice job on that. That being said, I feel like you are overusing that ace and spades idea on the uniforms. Try removing the stripe on the helmet, see how that looks. That pattern is cool, but in moderation. Im also not quite sure how I feel about the notch in the numbers. Overall though, this is a very nice looking concept and you can count me as impressed!

    Funny that you posted this right after news broke that Oakland was going to sue the Raiders for moving to LV.


    Really appreciate the feedback on the logo. The whole thing was centered around that idea of using a 'Spade' as the nose on the skull. Valid thoughts on the use of overuse, tried to keep it new but not overdone. The notch in the numbers is inspired by the notches in the swords of the logo. Tried to keep that consistent. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate that! Totally forgot to touch on the timing on the news. I really posted it and then like an hour later saw that breaking news, really funny lol.

  4. A few months back I reached out to another Designer that was doing some great sports branding work. We decided to team up and flush out an idea I had for a new brand when the Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas.


    The idea was to keep the history and toughness behind the classic Raiders Logo, but add in some luxury and modern touches. Check out the full project at: Behance Las Vegas Raiders Rebrand Concept

    As always, feedback welcome and enjoy the project!


    A couple snippits from the project:

    Primary Logo


    Home Uniforms:


    Brand Swag:


  5. 7 hours ago, vtgco said:

    While I'm not a huge fan of the sleeve wordmarks, your sleeve striping is good.

    I really like the color balancing of the green & silver home.

    I think the away could use green pants, but it still looks fine with silver.


    Great idea with the throwback logo silhouette! Works like a charm!


    Good concept here, though I doubt they'll abandon "midnight green" now given their championship!

    Thanks for the reply. I think I've gotten a decent amount of feedback about the wordmark on the sleeves, so you are not alone in that thought!

    My thought for the silver pants for Home/Away was to really mimic the 1980's uniforms and then push the uniform set a little with the new Alternate and Color Rush versions. I really appreciate the love on the throwback logo silhouette, I thought it was a nice touch :)

    I know they will never leave the current Midnight Green, just a concept people have been asking for and I wanted to see what it might look like in today's NFL.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Denver_The_Sinaloa said:

    This is great and it suits Nike’s odd fetish of wordmarks on sleeves

    Thanks :) hahaha
    I originally didn't have the word mark on the sleeves, but wanted to add something (other than straight lines vs curved lines) to differentiate the sleeves from the 1984 uniforms.

  7. I was recently asked to work on a Kelly Green Eagles uniform concept and after many long hours, I have finally completed it.

    My whole concept is based on the idea of History:
    - The Home/Away uniforms are based on the 1980's Eagles uniform set, just more modernized.

    - The numbers and new Logo Type are created using the angle of 52degrees (to celebrate the History of the 1st Super Bowl in franchise history)


    I will post a few of the shots here, but the full project can be found on Behance at: https://www.behance.net/gallery/70431389/Modern-1984-Philadelphia-Eagles-Uniform-Concept


    My Uniform set is made up of a Home, Away, Alternate and Color Rush Uniforms. A new Logo Type, simplified helmet design and simplified 1980's bird logo.aaee4970431389.5ba32ddc01325.jpg






  8. I would mention that the three templates you've been using – the helmet and the uniform templates – are Fraser Davidson's work. Just for the sake of fairness.

    You are correct. I have used them multiple times, I post a lot with them and I have contacted him about using them. I dont want to take credit for the template, just the ideas used and the designs behind the uniforms/helmets.

    Wow the people asking for silver helmets are like the only Panthers fans I've ever heard who likes them.

    Most Panthers fans wish they had a black or blue helmet.

    Anyways I look both helmets, they look very good.

    Thanks man! Yeah I get most Panthers fans asking for Black. I did the Blue one orignally and eventually had to get a Black version after so many requests. You can't please everyone though!

  9. can I see a back view?

    I love it so far, my only change would be to enlarge the numbers, and fix the 2 on the shoulder.

    Good catch on the "2." I orginally had this as McCoy's number and switch this one to Foles. I am working on alt views for each. When I get them I will post them for sure!

  10. Spent some time rethinking the Philadelphia Eagles uniforms. I came up with 2 concepts. This is one of them. This is a more modern version of their 1970's look and the other is a more aggressive look of their current uniforms. First post here, just thought I'd share my work.

    Concept One: 1970s Retro Modern


    Full Uniform concept. Detail Shots below.

    My favorite part of this uniform is the new helmet. I referenced the 1969-1972 Philadelphia Eagles helmet that was the first to use a white base helmet with green wings. I took this concept and updated it. This helmet boasts a white base that in the right light, would have a green “shimmer.” Check the other images to get more detailed shots.

    Helmet with 3 Views:


    Helmet Closeup: