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  1. @IgglesCoverage wait.... you're not Jim Schwartz?

  2. Beast https://t.co/LvCfzarFRR

  3. @bgeorge_designs @RZW_Brown I picked the same.... Go figure

  4. @RapSheet Saaaayyyyyyyy what

  5. @fduffy3 @JClarkNBCS @BenFennell_NFL @Ike58Reese @gregcosell Absolute ???

  6. @Chizzy_GetsBusy Cleveland still won the Wentz trade too. Ok I got all that out of my system. How about that 6-1 doeeeee ??

  7. FWIW: what a time to be alive. It was just a few short years ago that ToP "didn't matter" .... #Eagles

  8. Jerry gonna pay extras to show up in Dallas for the draft just to compete with Philly. #YeahISaidIt

  9. @rob_aden Brahhhhhhhh, preach

  10. @RZW_Brown https://t.co/oybpJTm879

  11. Rained out tonight, but I'll be back tomorrow for Game 4 of the #NLDS https://t.co/UoQ4VE0Q6N

  12. @RealMamaEagle Everyone always trying to compare...

  13. ?? https://t.co/gdn3gvfX2s

  14. @TorreySmithWR All good dude, keep grinding ?

  15. @TheMightyEROCK He's actually really good ?

  16. @Tha_Weekday @WhyyEaglesWhyy Don't get me wrong, I've had an opinion about it, but I don't tout it as 100% true. Bo… https://t.co/lw9cPqbCX9

  17. RT @TheWorldof_AJ: Fly Eagles Fly!!! ?RT @ThemainSTRAIN: When @TheWorldof_AJ says he wants to paint the logo, you let the man paint! https:…

  18. Dat. Mid-Flight. Photo https://t.co/DImS0GLDRK

  19. @eaglesrealist But difference from what I'm talking about

  20. @RZW_Brown I'll get our picks down ASAP

  21. @TRobertson80 Classic

  22. NGL, looking forward to this new Star Wars. Reviews have been solid ?

  23. @TheFFBallers thanks for the follow!

  24. You know I'm just messing, rough year for sure https://t.co/UDP1JWQyXJ

  25. RT @IgglesDraft: Let's get this straight: Zach Ertz is not soft because he didn't block Burfict, he's soft because he can't break a tackle.…