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  1. Giant changes to both offensive and defensive schemes. It's normally one or the other, not both. That's huge https://t.co/lXkKfUxpjl

  2. @_NFLFrank23 this is what I see https://t.co/WGju8vz1co

  3. What's good #RaglesNation, I feel like a million bucks

  4. Seeing the lists come out now, but I've been on that Mike Williams train for a while. #Eagles need his skills

  5. RT @PHLEaglesNation: #ProBowlVote Malcolm Jenkins Rodney McLeod Brandon Graham Fletcher Cox Jordan Hicks Jason Peters Darren Sproles Zach E…

  6. RT @Eagles: Black Friday seems like the perfect day to announce that we'll be #BackInBlack this Monday night vs. Green Bay. #FlyEaglesFly h…

  7. Yo @TheMightyEROCK, you always got some good vids, but this right here is straight ??. @BrianDawkins is Philadelphi… https://t.co/vqNKwLfGPj

  8. You love to question my tweets lol https://t.co/R5HSKQqxvE

  9. This is @RZW_Brown favorite gif. Perfect usage here... https://t.co/O6uSeOmdPc

  10. Preach https://t.co/OiBAPiZn5Q

  11. @Bobby_Fleck https://t.co/2TFHnzV3f4

  12. .@RZW_Brown yeah, that's an easy one. #RavensFlock win tonight on #TNF https://t.co/fexP6Pp9oH

  13. Thx bro https://t.co/tK35ov3jrT

  14. I'll just leave this here...??? https://t.co/vC9Ig8UAvG

  15. @4thandJawn appreciate the follow, good pickup with @Greek_QB, he's solid

  16. Damn bro ☠️☠️☠️ https://t.co/BvSWcH0xkf

  17. Very typical of the fan base https://t.co/BciIuQi2WU

  18. @tatepruuuu thanks for the followback... #EaglesNation

  19. I triple dog dare the @Eagles to follow me back... https://t.co/wAbESO2D0o

  20. RT @LincolnFinatic: He may be a safety, but he's a dangerous man for opposing offenses. Retweet for a chance to win this signed helmet! #LF…

  21. welp, ill own it, but still ridiculous https://t.co/224Na8Wn82

  22. RT @And_Porter: Brandon Graham is t-4th in NFL with 20 QB hurries and knockdowns. Only Aaron Donald, Jerry Hughes, and Von Miller have more.

  23. ... https://t.co/SME7j7qLkr

  24. @AlexaHovechkin @OkeraJ we do exist. Might not see me much after a game like that though... https://t.co/Nk5CNVa7iB

  25. RT @Aiervon: @RZW_Brooks We'll never get to see another beast like that suit up in the secondary. Talk about one of a kind.