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  1. I see you @brandongraham55 ?? https://t.co/xgTbowclIF

  2. @Anthony_DiBona @GregHardyJr https://t.co/HsJ4ebmXvv

  3. ??? same https://t.co/eySvGILPM4

  4. RT @eaglestalk25: Keep sleeping on us. We used to it by now ??? https://t.co/P0b4OBDvfE

  5. ? https://t.co/Y5uskeu1aq

  6. Bring it to me! #LFGAutographSweepstakes ? https://t.co/o1NGo4nFxk

  7. Totally agree https://t.co/S3oQHVLRpI

  8. RT @nfcereport: Congratulations to Fletcher Cox and Carson Wentz! #FlyEaglesFly #EaglesNation https://t.co/XTSMzxuPq6

  9. RT @Eagles: #FlyEaglesFly https://t.co/2WX8B13i41

  10. Totally agree https://t.co/aYfvE75AyO

  11. I asked @da_king_son18 and he told me Jim's! That's an @Eagles DT! @JeffCaruso730 #ItWasSolid

  12. just for the record #EaglesNation @cj_wentz #EarlyAdopter ??? https://t.co/unjhzbtiy2

  13. RT @NFL: Welcome to #MNF, @cj_wentz! #FlyEaglesFly https://t.co/D0zivSJTME

  14. Is it Monday yet? #EaglesNation #FlyEaglesFly #MNF https://t.co/XxuK1162iM

  15. #TNF this live stream on Twitter is fantastic. Quality is really solid

  16. Lol ppl upset because our "Color Rush" is just our alternate uniform. Kinda cheap IMO https://t.co/WVxQvUJZT5

  17. Tell it to AP. 3 points is BS https://t.co/SeVljklUvH

  18. Out having a date night with the wife ? @Eagles play on Sunday ? It's Friday ? #dollabillsyall

  19. RT @rob_aden: Didn't think browns fans knew what twitter was

  20. I'm enjoying this #OleMissvsFSU game w/a nice glass of crown & someone is taking about Butter Pecan Ice cream. Heres a hint, it's trash ???

  21. haha, damnit! JK. When you get to it, let me know. Just curious. Enjoy the time off work! https://t.co/4cohHUuiuf

  22. Enjoying a nice #ColdBrew Coffee from Heart Coffee in #Portland. Great way to start the day!

  23. I think the RB pool is thin, lock up the better options and hope some WRs pan out https://t.co/4aOZdER5sw

  24. Keep in mind that this squad is also missing @jmattjmattjmatt he's huge for this team #Eagles

  25. Is the @Eagles contest for the XboxOneS still going on? I'm still waiting on my winning DM