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  1. Its official! https://t.co/97pPp1YJ96

  2. RT @IgglesCoverage: If the Eagles take Hundley with the 20th pick, I would not be happy. Major reach.

  3. If the front office thinks trading up is a good idea, they better have one Hell of a gameplan to fix this DEF. I just don't see it.. #Eagles

  4. RT @EagleFanProbs: RT to wish a happy 26th birthday to QB Nick Foles! http://t.co/XDDSCe9wel

  5. Philadelphia Eagles: Battle of the Uniforms http://t.co/GodR1419BC

  6. not 100% sure i feel comfortable "moving" former coaches to Pro Scouts... hope that doesnt bite us in the ass.. #Eagles

  7. RT @DaveSearles: @rzw_brooks Every year, they seem to find new Browns ways to do Browns thingsā€¦out-Brownsing themselves every time.