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  1. Kansas City Chiefs The Super Bowl Champs get a fresh logo in their redesign. The old lettering in the logo that looked very similar to San Francisco has been replaced with a geometric font that gives an old-school Chiefs vibe. The sleeve stripe point up, like a chevron, and the pant stripe is the KC turned 270*, both playing into the arrowhead-theme of the jersey. The Chiefs don't get an alternate because they don't need one.
  2. Cleveland Browns The new Browns uniform set looks great, but I made some tweak. Drop shadow on the numbers, the sleeve striping is inverted on the home jersey, matte helmet, and a new font.
  3. Buffalo Bills The red streak from the Bills logo has been changed to a red lightning bolt, taken from the City of Buffalo's flag. Red helmets return, and 'BUFFALO' is between the shoulder stripes.
  4. Miami Dolphins, v.2 Removed the logo from the sleeve, and removed half of the stripping on the socks. The sun rays used to be the same size until 2013, so the sun rays are a nod to the current logo.
  5. Thank you, I knew something looked slightly off. I fixed the Giants, and I'll be updating all the other teams as well.
  6. New York Giants The font for the logo and wordmark has been updated to a more gothic New York look, and the Empire State Building is featured in the 'Y' of 'NY'; the building also plays into the empire gray-look that is heavily featured. Gray away jerseys, and gray numbers on the home and alternate. The Empire State Building is also featured in the pants stripe.
  7. Atlanta Falcons, v.2 I moved the shoulder number to the sleeve, and made the outline around the wings larger and gold. All pants are interchangeable.
  8. Los Angeles Chargers The Chargers released one of the best uniforms this offseason, but it could use a couple tweaks. I changed the font/number font because I didn't like the italics on the jersey. That, and the coloring on the pants stripe, are the only real big changes.
  9. Miami Dolphins I brought back the old-school Dolphins logo, with some tweaking on the sun and the white streaks in the dolphin. The sun now has 17 rays for the 17-0 season. The diamond wordmark is taken from an end zone design the team has used. Up next: Los Angeles Chargers
  10. Atlanta Falcons I think the Falcons were heading in the right direction with their new uniforms. The only thing I didn't like was the too large ATL and the red gradient jersey. For their redesign, I shrunk the ATL down a bit, while adding gold to the teams logo and uniform design. I also added the falcon wings to the shoulders, because I think it's a cool, unique look. Up next: TBD, might not go in alphabetical order, but I have others that are completed
  11. Arizona Cardinals, v.2 Here's an edit of all these suggestions. Used a standard block # font instead of one that matched the font, removed the wordmark and logo from the front of the jersey, and added red pants to the alternate
  12. AFC East Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins, v.2 New England Patriots New York Giants AFC North Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers AFC South Houston Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Tennessee Titans AFC West Denver Broncos Las Vegas Raiders Los Angeles Chargers Kansas City Chiefs NFC East Dallas Cowboys New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins NFC North Chicago Bears Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings NFC South Atlanta Falcons, v.2 Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC West Arizona Cardinals, v.2 Los Angeles Rams San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks Arizona Cardinals The Cardinals are in a desperate need for new uniforms, so here's a design that incorporates the Arizona flag, while deepening the red and gold that the team uses. Also changed the font the teams uses to look more like what they used pre-2005. C&C welcome Up next: Atlanta Falcons
  13. Here's a version without a helmet, I personally think the helmet look is better. And here's a look at a field concept for the new look:
  14. One of the best looks in football is the Dolphins throwbacks. I added a modern twist and cleaned up the Dolphin. The wordmark features "MIAMI" in diamonds, taken from a throwback field design last season. C&C please
  15. Home UPDATED Away UPDATED Updated the numbers on the sleeves, and the horns on the away sleeves. Decided to keep the number font as it matches the newly released word mark, and I feel all of these new Nike designs will be using custom fonts to match the logo set.