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  1. Green Bay Packers v.2 Updated the font to fit the Packers better. White and green pants are interchangeable.
  2. Philadelphia Eagles Kelly green returns, being pitted with the newer logo and helmet. New font, not much else.
  3. Green Bay Packers Decided to go with stencil numbers to match an updated Packers wordmark. The G returns to the sleeve.
  4. Dallas Cowboys I decided to go full in on navy blue and silver in the Cowboys home and away set, with a royal blue and seafoam green alternate. Star added to the home sleeve. Not too much different.
  5. Los Angeles Rams I know most of you might hate it, but I decided to lean into the gradients and horns featured in the Rams new logo. I think the team intended to go with gradient horns on the helmet, but decided against it after backlash with the logo. The helmet and shoulders feature gradient horns on the home and away jerseys. Block numbers return, and no gradients in any of the pants stripe. For the yellow alternate, I decided against horns on the jersey, and instead went for gradient pants. White pants are interchangeable for all. Most importantly, no bone.
  6. New York Jets I decided to combine the old-school and new-school Jets jerseys in this concepts. I carried over the airplane-stencil looking numbers to the jerseys, and brought back the old shoulder style. The flying jet makes a return in the logo, as well as up the leg stripe and the helmet stripe. There's no black across any of the sets, except for the black cleats. Kelly green makes a return as the alternate.
  7. Chicago Bears Da Bears get a slight update to their logos and uniforms. The top of the wishbone C now lines up with the bottom, and the 4-stars from the Chicago flag are featured inside. The George S. Halas patch moves from the sleeve to the right chest, and is in an updated Bears font. The 4-stars on featured on the sleeves.
  8. New Orleans Saints For NOLA's team, I updated the gold to a more old gold, opposed to Vegas gold. I updated the wordmark to a more blockish/gothic font that fits both the Saints and NOLA well. The fleur-de-lis only has one outline now. The shield that is featured in this logo has been updated with the new wordmark, and is on the left chest. No alternate for the Saints.
  9. No, I wanted to go in a direction similar to other pro teams in Tennessee, and I like how the Preds and Griz use dark/light blue and gold. I looked it up and it does look similar to the New York Titans gold, so that is a nice bonus touch.
  10. Los Angeles Chargers (UPDATE) Changed the Chargers numbers to an italic block font, while going back to their old wordmark with an updated "LOS ANGELES" font
  11. Tennessee Titans I gave the Titans a logo update based on a Greek (Spartan?) helmet. Split-color sleeves, and double drop shadows on the numbering/wordmarks.
  12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers The Super Bowl LV Champions got a new look last year, but I went in a more creamsicle direction.
  13. Pittsburgh Steelers The Steelers have near perfect uniforms.I got rid of the round number font in favor of block numbering on the chest and back, and stencil-ed numbering similar to the font on the sleeves. The pant and helmet stripe features a blue and red bar (and yellow if it''s a black stripe) connected to the rest of the stripe.Not really a big fan of any Steelers alternates, but I threw in a yellow one.
  14. Seattle Seahawks Seahawks maintain their logo, but will now use a darker green, similar to their pre-2000s colors. Seahawk logo on a stripe on the sleeve. Like the Giants in this series, white has been mostly phased out in favor of grey. The away uniform is a light grey, while dark greens return as an alternate. New font for the wordmark and numbers, with the new wordmark appearing on the left chest.
  15. Cincinnati Bengals Sorry for the long delay, but we return with a team that will be getting new jerseys this year. The helmet stripes now spell out "CINCY," with the second C helping form the Y. Also, screw the 1-helmet rule, the Bengals get the option for a white away helmet. For their jerseys, block numbers return, with drop shadows reminiscent of the most recent Bengals jerseys. Sleeves now feature tiger stripes between two black stripes, except on the black alternate.
  16. Detroit Lions The Lions see a couple changes here. The sleeve stripes are now vertical, the face mask is Honolulu Blue, the word mark has been changed to a more old-school car vibe, and the number font is now typical block numbering. Throwback in place of an alternate because I've never liked the Lions grey jersey.
  17. Houston Oilers I think the Oilers had one of the best logo/uniform sets in NFL history, and I've never really liked the Texans identity. In a perfect world, where the Titans would agree to allow Houston to change their name, here is a modern version of the Oilers.
  18. Indianapolis Colts, v.2 Alternate I was thinking it would look similar to Duke's black uniforms, but I totally understand where you're coming from. I inverted the blue and white, and you couldn't even notice the blue, so I decided to swap black for the grey. I think a grey alternate looks better for Indy than black.
  19. New York Giants, v.2 (Grey) After reading the C&C on the Giants, I've decided to do one version that has grey instead of white, and another that has white instead of grey.
  20. I'm working on updates right now for the Falcons, Giants, Warriors, and possibly the Bills, but for now I am going to post other teams I have already completed. Indianapolis Colts There's not much to update with the Colts, as they have one of the classic looks in the NFL. I updated the font to something similar they released earlier this year, and placed an "I" in the horseshoe. New logo is on the right chest, and player numbers appear in the horseshoe on the helmet. The black alternate has black numbers, instead of blue, on the helmet.
  21. Denver Broncos The Broncos see a clash of old school and new school, as a Bronco jumping through a D returns. Very similar to the Color Rush uniforms, with a different font used across the set.
  22. Washington Warriors I feel like the Warriors will be the name that Dan Snyder ends up going with, that way the team can use a spear on the helmet like they used to. A 'W' with 3 stars replaces the head on the former logo, with the 3 stars drawing from lots of different elements (DC flag, 3 regions of the DMV, 3 Super Bowl wins, 3 team names in franchise history). This still keeps the franchises historical look, while updating what needed to be changed.
  23. New England Patriots Pat Patriot makes a return, with some deeper colors, and 6 stars on his tricorn hat. The 6 stars, also featured on the right chest of the jersey, represent the 6 states of New England (MA, ME, RI, NH, VT, CN), and the 6 Super Bowls won during the team's dynasty years. Split on whether the home jersey should be red or blue.
  24. Kansas City Chiefs The Super Bowl Champs get a fresh logo in their redesign. The old lettering in the logo that looked very similar to San Francisco has been replaced with a geometric font that gives an old-school Chiefs vibe. The sleeve stripes point up, like a chevron, and the pant stripe is the KC turned 270*, both playing into the arrowhead-theme of the jersey. The Chiefs don't get an alternate because they don't need one.
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