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  1. And it says if they go to a game 7 LAL is scheduled to wear their Black Mamba alternates against Denver in white.
  2. Last time I checked Lockervision has HEAT in black and Celtics in green for game three. I agree with the sentiment above about disliking how many teams are wearing black alternates this playoffs. Is it possible it could be a combination of Nike and player preference? This final four, only Miami should be wearing black. Who could forget that one awful finals with the Warriors & Cavs, where they wore basically only the black and grey alternates.
  3. Some more for Boston vs Toronto I love the way the 90’s purple look against the classic Celtics Home.
  4. Here’s a really fun history of uniform matchups, (3) DEN vs. (6) UTAH I totally forgot these existed at the same time 2000’s aesthetic An awesome alternate imo
  5. NBA Playoffs Bump! I wanted to revisit the glory days of what some of these matchups would look like in different eras, starting in the west! Feel free to keep this going with me! (1) LAL vs. (8) POR
  6. So we all know the NFC representative this year is the designated home team, even though the Patriots chose to wear their white jerseys (road look) as the HOME team in last year’s SB. What does that possibly leave us with? If the Saints make the SB is all black monochrome combo inevitable? It would be likely unfortunately, even though their traditional home look would look beautiful on the big stage. I’m really sorry if it’s been mentioned before, but what do y’all think the LA Rams will rock as their home look in the playoffs? Last year’s home game was in all white, but I wasn’t sure if the leniency the NFL has given them with the throwbacks would cross into the playoffs. That is, if LA would even wanna rock the throwbacks in the playoffs. Moving down, the Bears or Cowboys home-looks for a potential SB should be predictable (and pretty good looking). I do see @slats7 mention above about the Boys rocking all-white. Then we got the Seahawks, who if they have a playoff run in them will be rocking monochrome home Unis, and then their away looks. Who knows if they’d want to ride superstition into the SB and wear their road look if they made it. For a whole lot of reasons (last Super Bowl win, the wins leading up to their appearance this year). The Eagles will likely be in white all playoffs but would probably wanna rock their traditional green home uniforms in the SB. With the AFC being the designated away team, they’ll have to flow with whatever the NFC team chooses. All I know is, bearable (above average niceness) road looks in the AFC could really hinge on the opponent. For example the Saints in all black would really dampen matchups against all teams, but especially the Chiefs, Pats, Texans & Ravens (black pants? dear god). Looks like LAC and Indy are rocking the monochrome whites throughout, which would be a nice representation of a super bowl in 2019 /s. I think Chiefs @ Bears in their traditional looks would be one of the best possibilities. What does everyone else think?
  7. When I have a bit more time I can add MIN, SAS, NOP, OKC, CLE & WAS. I think it’s pretty interesting to consider the cohesiveness of uniforms/branding/color schemes. Also, taking into account teams in the NBA who have purposefully used Nike’s addition of uniforms to introduce one-off color schemes. The Heat for example having a very sound identity across their three main uniforms, and then almost creating a separate identity using Vice colors (but a design that throws back to their 90’s striping/font). The Blazers seeming to have the most cohesive identity, which may be off their diagonal shash alone, but coming together through their solid black/red/white look (albeit introducing gray to the mix). I’m really interested in other people’s streams on consciousness when it comes to these identities. How do you think looking at these uniform packages as a whole help inform where a team should go with their identity moving forward? If (when) Nike chooses to continue dishing out Statement/City/Earned jerseys (I know, so many), what directions should they head in? I feel like through reading posts on these boards, a general consensus is that 3 (4 max) uniform choices are people’s ideal desire. Being that we get what we get from Nike, how can we foster more acceptance of our $$$ overlords by comprising on solid identities across the 5 uniforms we get. A few other points: - I think I really like what the 76ers, Jazz and Raptors are doing. - I agree with @Froob about hoping MIL can phase out black (won't happen), integrate more cream. Also, limit throwback colors per season to a set time in their history (mecca or red/green, not both) - I don't believe the Rockets have worn their city edition Chinese new year unis this season. - LockerVision is a cool resource.
  8. A look at some of the uniform options for teams with Earned uniforms (not including throwbacks).
  9. Some of this past weekend's games, when they appeared to be much nicer uniform matchups IMO. Bengals/Saints in the above picture the way that game should look. Jags/Colts, with the Jags having teal be as prominent as ever on their road whites. Raiders/Chargers, with the Chargers uniforms having more life and less modern ~waviness~ and bordered fonts. I will say Chargers uniform in this post probably has its fair share of flaws overall. And then there's Falcons/Browns (a game that made your worst) in a much better era. I think I remember you saying that you liked the red helmet look for the Falcons infrared. I personally liked Giants/49ers when the G men had more blue to their road look than red. I'm indifferent about the pants color on the road and like both the white or grey.