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  1. I like this. it really pays homage to the firefighters, and this would certainly be iconic. i think everything looks perfect just align the logos instead of stacking them. if you must tone down the green just remove it from the collar.
  2. that's a nice away. I like it, it is different. I do thinkyou should remove the sublimation, its unnecessary and not visible. great execution and work as usual
  3. This is nice. I like your presentation, and the jersey looks cool too
  4. cant wait to see what you got stored for us. for the banners I like the first one. they both look great but the first stands out more, neat idea.
  5. I like the jersey a lot. lol the joke is funny arsenal always forth. I understand why its plain and if you want to put this concept on hold its okay we understand. if you don't want to make basketball concepts its okay since it wont turn out as great. try something new but don't forget about this topic since I enjoy it a lot. like the input of the ball on the top I have no idea how to make shorts look better but it looks good. again if you don't want to do this no neeed
  6. This one is so unique and differen I like it I like original or one with white the best but original is best
  7. Looks really good. lik the new update. Makes Liverpool seem on fire
  8. I like the new logo you got there using colors of team I like this jersey try fixing the 2 middle stripes but it looks cool difanitly would buy it
  9. I think you should do what you are currently doing bout sometimes if you you cant think of any just repeat or changei t a bit, cuz I understand it can be hard to think of so many.
  10. LOL true but the Scottish Celtics have Green and White stripes. @BuffaloJJ, he does take suggestions.
  11. I see the resemblance, every well done. Would you be willing to do Celtics.
  12. That looks neat, once in a lifetime you need a clean jersey and this is it, I love it!
  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT, although I noticed that the adidas logo has a border.
  14. I stand corrected that update looks better, although try the Bavarian flag too.