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  1. I like it. A nice way to update a classic logo.
  2. Wow, probably the best clean up of the Celtics logo I've ever seen! I may even like this better than their current logo. Nice work.
  3. Probably the Sonics Yeah, you are probably right. I'm still disappointed the Sonics aren't around anymore.
  4. Looks good so far, I agree the tongue looks a little off. So is 1/31 a typo or are you adding an expansion team to the NBA in this series? Nice job so far. I'm excited to see the rest.
  5. While I do like the new colors you put for the Nuggets concept, I really like how the powder blue and yellow stands out on your previous Nuggets concept. If it were me I'd probably keep the powder blue and yellow Nuggets concept. By the way, excellent job on this series. Are you planning on maybe creating a couple more expansion teams and adding on to your project 32 series? Do you have any other big projects planned? Thank you and great work!
  6. I like Apollos, you could always go with the classic Aeros. It sounds stupid but I like the way Houston Liftoff sounds. I don't know, any one of these names sound cool.
  7. Great logos! I'm excited to see the rest of the series! Anyway I like the expansion team suggestions. I have some ideas on the names if you want. Milwaukee Muskies Regina Renegades Houston Aeros/Lone Stars/Stars Kansas City Outlaws
  8. I hope that school gives you chance. That's too bad the others would rather have a professional do theirs. Well anyway keep up the good work! These are awesome!Unfortunately, I don't think this individual & school ever really had any intentions in commissioning me. He was simply trying to get ideas from me to pass on to whoever they already have or whoever they're going to hire to work on their rebrand. As always, thanks for the feedback!Well that's too bad they should really consider you, because you are a really good designer. Your welcome, I love this thread! Ill look forward to more posts on here!
  9. I hope that school gives you chance. That's too bad the others would rather have a professional do theirs. Well anyway keep up the good work! These are awesome!
  10. I haven't planned anything yet. Maybe I will continue my NCAA Bowl Logo series next. Thanks for your comments! Cool. Ill be lookin forward to it!
  11. I've reached out to the following schools: Assiniboine Cougars Delgado Dolphins Merced Blue Devils Miami Dade Sharks Ohio Zanesville Tracers Paris Texas Dragons South Texas Jaguars VHCC Wolves Westminster Blue Jays Whatcom Orcas I've heard back from a couple of them, unfortunately it seems none of them are interested in rebranding. The Delgado Dolphins sounded promising but never went anywhere. Here's what their Baseball Coach had to say: Ren: Please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx to discuss expanding on your logo design..,we like what we see! Anytime that works for you, even this weekend, we'd like to talk! Here is what the Creative Project Coordinator from Pellissippi State Community College wrote: Ren, I really do love your logo work, and I read through your sports logo forum thread. Unfortunately, the requester was mistaken. We already have a panther logo, and we do use it. However, its great work and had the timing been different, we might use your art. Keep up the great work though! The others never responded to my emails. I just emailed the Athletic Director, Men's & Women's Basketball coaches from UC Santa Cruz the other day, hopefully I'll hear from them soon. Fingers crossed! Aw that's too bad they should really consider making your work their logos. Well anyway maybe you'll have a chance with UC Santa Cruz! Good luck! Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to more colleges to come!
  12. Just curious, what is going to be your next redesign/project? (If you have one lined up)
  13. Wow! Great job! I love all of the logos! By the way, that would be awesome if you did rebrand every minor league team! You are an awesome designer (Also Go Red Sox! and Go Patriots!)
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