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  1. Bumping for any more help or team is about to place the order and I'm just trying to finish these up!
  2. I really like the tertiary's. Main is alright. I feel like the "plane" aspect needs to be shrank a little more. And it may be just me, but the rounded ball/wings make it contrast and feel a little weird with non-rounded text, if that makes sense.
  3. Don't know if anyone's stated this in here but, VCU might have my favorite uniforms. They're "VCU" logo is so simple yet great. Cool color scheme, cool greys, etc.
  4. What are some of everyone's favorites? I'm looking for some ideas/inspiration for my high school summer team's uniforms. Haven't seen OSU's yet this year but they did have those bloody camos last year. As far as others, I really like CCU's use of turquoise.
  5. Thanks! Any other CNC or ideas??
  6. Background - I'm a high school student that does some design in his free time. Although I'm somewhat decent with graphic design, logo stuff is not my forte (the pen tool is my enemy, I don't have Illustrator..the list goes on). I also play baseball. My summer team (club team, AAU team, whatever you may call it) is newly formed this year and we need uniforms. We're the Braves (not my idea, and obviously may garner some "Braves = Indians..You're horrible, civil rights!" but) so I'm trying to design some uniforms. Like I said, I'm not good with logos, so this is literally a font combined with stroke and some minor edits to the stroke to make it look better. The colors are red, white, and blue. I'm not sold on the white jersey (with the camo) but we want some type of "special" uniform to wear on Sunday's for tournament play. I'm not sure what else to do (I may go with a "Stars and Stripes" type feel" like the MLB, just for something different) Anyways, these are the "designs" The problem is, I can't find a good hat design. I'm not talented enough with logos to make script "MVB" for the hat, but I think that may be the only option. Any help is encouraged. If anyone wants to experiment, here's the PSD that contains the logo. Feel free to mess around and create something awesome ALSO: Thanks to JayJaxon on DeviantArt for the really nice template that I used! ALSO 2: The font I used was "Ballpark Weiner" on DaFont EDIT 3: This is the "Stars and Stripes" Edition that I created..
  7. Really interesting to see hand drawn. Great potential. A lot better than I could do with a pencil and paper!
  8. Not bad. Retro and more clean. It's nice.
  9. As someone who's a prospective college baseball player in Ohio, I really like the new D1Baseball. Adding Rogers and Fitt was great.