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  1. Thank you very much! That looks great! We're gonna use it for our club if that's ok !
  2. HI Patchez, Could you do our new logo? That would be very cool!
  3. Hello everyone, I recently founded a Lacrosse Club in Switzerland with a few friends. Because nobody of us had the time and skills to design our own logo, we hosted a contest over in the Requests section. I created this thread over here in the Concepts section to show everyone the winning concepts. Every person was only eligible for one prize, so I'm gonna announce the winners and their highest voted submission. All the winners should pm me their paypal account details, so I can send them their prize! First Place:50$ submitted by OmegaRed, he decided that he'd rather like to get a pinnie of our club, as soon as we got some, instead of the money prize. We gladly accepted! 2nd Place: 20$ submitted by TRoyConcepts 3rd Place: 10$ submitted by TMXX1 I would like to thank everyone who participated and all those people who checked out the thread. Feel free to comment on the logos below. Check out the original thread as well for more context behind the logos! Make sure you like us on facebook! We will be posting in English too and don't worry, not more than once a week! Thanks!
  4. Swiss National League A (Ice Hockey) Don't allow sponsors to keep their color. change them so they fit the jersey colors. Like Lausanne HC:
  5. One of the commentators had the same problem plus he had trouble when four number 91s were on the ice at the same time ^^
  6. Wow, this looks really great! It looks like somebody took a highres picture of a real life badge. Are you sure that this isn't the method you used ?
  7. Those urban looks are very cool. I also think they fit very well into the image of backyard basketball. I don't think a sport like football would send out the same "vibe". I think those would look great on white t-shirts!