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  1. UGH! It better NOT be "Redtails"! That's such a garbage name! If that is the name, then I'm going to be rooting for this team to get its ass kicked by its opponent on a weekly basis. Personally, I don't know what's wrong with keeping "Washington Football Team" as the permanent name. However, since that's apparently not an option, I vote for "Redwolves".
  2. I mean, the Dallas Cowboys look so much better when ditching royal blue w/that God-awful seafoam green in favor of navy blue and silver. In fact, navy blue and silver ARE the official colors of the Dallas Cowboys, per https://operations.nfl.com/learn-the-game/nfl-basics/team-histories/national-football-conference/east/dallas-cowboys/
  3. Thank you! Do you think that FOX Sports will actually use this graphics template going forward? I sure hope so!
  4. I disagree. I don't believe for a second that there is any such kind of beauty in the mismatched colors in the Dallas Cowboys uniforms. My personal opinion is that the main reason why the Cowboys wear their "Star Blue" uniforms at home is because the area in which they play their home games in (Arlington, Texas) sees an average high temperature of 89 degrees in late August/early September. It's hot in North Texas during that time of year, so I'm guessing that that's the reason why the Cowboys wear their "Star Blue" uniform at home all the time. There is a psychological factor in it, because as the Cowboys' equipment director has pointed out, when the Cowboys used to play at Texas Stadium prior to their new stadium opening in 2009, the old stadium had a hole in the roof, which allowed the sun to beat down onto the field. Darker colors tend to retain more heat, according to the Cowboys' equipment director (I think his name is Mike McCord): Here's the real reason behind the Dallas Cowboys’ mismatched uniform colors | FOX Sports
  5. If you're interested in reading to know why the Cowboys' helmet never matches their uniform, here's an article from FOX Sports that explains why: Here's the real reason behind the Dallas Cowboys’ mismatched uniform colors | FOX Sports
  6. THANK YOU! Honestly, this uniform concept you've created is MILES better than what the Dallas Cowboys currently wear on the field for most of their games. I HATE the Cowboys' current uniform set. It's trash. The only constructive criticism I have for you, though, is that in my opinion, the Cowboys should use the same shade of silver in their helmet, jersey, and pants. I also think the Cowboys' silver should not have any blue tint in it whatsoever. It should be a pure silver.
  7. @TheBigFiz21 Is there any way that the Colorado Rockies could be incorporated into your next attempt at this graphic? Also, would it be possible to create a full-screen version with this graphic in the lower half of the screen, and the MLB on FOX logo in the upper-right quadrant?
  8. @JayJaxon Thank you! I would love nothing more than to see the Diamond Uniform Database be restored. Keep these uniform concepts for the remaining Major League Baseball teams coming, please.
  9. The more I think about it, the more I'm against pro sports teams retiring jersey numbers. All that does is in effect make it harder for teams to issue jersey numbers. All pro sports teams should just create a ring of honor. If a team were to retire all their available jersey numbers, then what happens? Total chaos.
  10. Exactly. I agree. This is why I'm of the opinion that the NFL should not do away with its one helmet shell color rule. Nobody should ever have to see these particularly UGLY uniforms ever again. We don't need to see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers break out the Creamsicle Bucco Bruce uniforms. They weren't particularly easy to look at in the first place, and those uniforms will always be associated with the Buccaneers' early franchise struggles, when they started out 0-26 from 1976-1977.
  11. I agree. Major League Baseball is radically different now than it was several decades ago. The more I think about it, the more I wish that MLB would just implement a universal designated hitter (DH) for both the American League (AL) & National League (NL). Yes, there's something to be said about honoring history & tradition, but the NL forcing pitchers to still come up to bat in 2021 is ridiculous. Occasionally, you'll have a moment where a pitcher hits a home run off an opposing pitcher (for example, Bartolo Colon or Jake Arrieta), but it's too rare. I've come around to accept that baseball at the highest professional level needs a universal full-time DH for all 30 teams. The reason why I'm saying all this is because your post that I'm quoting has convinced me that there should be a universal DH. I agree with you on your point when you say "why risk these pitchers injuring themselves at something that's not their primary use"? Also, you're right: the game has evolved. I don't feel like forcing the NL to adopt the DH will take away small ball; if anything, it will help the Senior Circuit to catch up to the Junior Circuit in offensive production.
  12. Yes, I agree. I was simply stating a fantasy hypothetical scenario of what I hoped would happen, but realistically, I know most likely won't. I honestly don't believe that Major League Baseball is considering any expansion teams in the imminent future.
  13. IMO, the one way that MLB could solve the constant interleague play problem is to add 2 new expansion teams that make the most geographical sense (one in each league), while keeping traditional rivalries such as Red Sox vs. Yankees, Cardinals vs. Cubs or Dodgers vs. Giants intact (MLB would need to realign to accommodate the expansion teams & then re-do the scheduling matrix). FWIW, MLB hasn't added any new expansion teams since 1998, and there haven't been any team/league shifts since the Houston Astros shifted from the NL Central to the AL West in 2013. Once each league has 16 teams, then I feel like MLB could do away with regular season interleague play. Again, I feel like one of the reasons why more people watched MLB baseball back in the day was because there was no regular season interleague (back before 1997, the only interleague play was in the World Series). Expansion, therefore, could be one way to rejuvenate or re-stimulate widespread public interest in MLB again.
  14. This is much better, but part of me wants to know what the Jaguars helmet design would look like with a teal shell color & a gold color face mask.
  15. He didn't hurt me. I was just worried I had offended him.
  16. Does anyone know when the Cincinnati Bengals are scheduled to publicly unveil their new uniform designs? Has anyone heard or does anyone know?
  17. Look man, I'm sorry if I pissed you off about the whole Denver Broncos orange jersey curse thing. Clearly, and logically speaking, there really isn't such a thing as a jersey color curse. Anyways, I was wondering if you would be so kind as to please create a Denver Broncos uniform concept that merges the cyberhorse with the club's old striping pattern used before 1997, but with white pants, and with navy blue as the predominant color? Please?
  18. I mean, maybe the whole orange jersey curse thing is overblown. I would support this uniform concept should the Denver Broncos choose to go for a more traditional uniform look, except for the orange pants. I'm not a fan of orange pants.
  19. OK OK. I get your point. Again, jersey color did not matter that day for the Broncos against the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIV.
  20. OK. I never said that, but I get your point. It honestly did not matter what jersey color the Denver Broncos wore in Super Bowl XXIV against the San Francisco 49ers; they weren't going to win that day.
  21. Exactly! This proves my point: the Broncos chose to wear white in Super Bowl 50 because they knew that their win-loss record in the Super Bowl in orange prior to SB 50 was & still is 0-4. Yes, I'm aware that the Broncos lost in orange to 3 dynasties (the 1977 Dallas Cowboys, the 1987 Washington (Washington Football Team) & 1989 San Francisco 49ers), but they also WON Super Bowl XXXII in NAVY BLUE against the Green Bay Packers, who won Super Bowl XXXI the year before. That's why I'm a firm believer that the Broncos should switch back to NAVY BLUE as their primary home jersey color.
  22. I mean, there's a reason WHY the Denver Broncos chose to wear WHITE jerseys as the designated HOME team in Super Bowl 50: The Orange Crush Curse: Why the Broncos Chose to Wear White in Super Bowl 50 | NFL - YouTube
  23. I mean, part of it was the Broncos' talent on the field, but I think all Broncos fans know that we don't have success in the Super Bowl while wearing orange jerseys. I think it's a mixture of both the lack of talent on the field (and poor play vs. the competition) & also the orange jersey color, because no team has ever won a Super Bowl while wearing orange in the big game (the Broncos are the only team to wear orange on Super Sunday).
  24. As a Denver Broncos fan, I support keeping the primary logo & wordmark logo introduced in 1997. However, I also would support a decision by the Broncos to switch their primary home jersey color from orange to navy blue. IMO, orange is a CURSED jersey color, as the Broncos' all-time win-loss record in orange in the Super Bowl is 0-4. In all 4 losses, the Broncos have been cumulatively outscored by a margin of 167-38 (that's a margin of negative-129 points, and no, I'm not making that up). Also, I would not support orange pants. IMO, the Broncos should go back to a navy blue on white look (blue jerseys, white pants).
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