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  1. I have to say, I hate the "B" logo with tiger stripes in it. What does it even represent? Honestly, the Cincinnati Bengals would be better off using an actual Bengal tiger head logo as its primary club logo. That's my favorite of the three logos here, just because I also don't feel like the Bengals should be ripping off the Cleveland Browns by using their helmet logo as their logo. My favorite is the Bengal tiger head logo.
  2. I also agree with number 2. However, this thread is about the Bengals' uniform design. A discussion on whether the Dallas Cowboys should change and/or unify their uniform design should be had in another topic.
  3. Honestly, I'm not a Cincinnati Bengals fan. However, I'm looking forward to seeing what the new Bengals uniform designs look like. Does anyone know when the Bengals will publicly reveal their new uniform designs to the general public?
  4. Here's the URL link to that article. Scroll down to the bottom for the content & quotes relevant to this discussion: Hobson's Choice: Bengals.com Senior Writer Geoff Hobson answers questions from fans
  5. Honestly, I really like this design version also! It boggles my mind as to why the Jacksonville Jaguars removed gold from their uniforms when they redesigned them in 2018. I've always thought of the Jacksonville Jaguars as a team that should use teal and gold as its two primary colors, and not teal and black. What I'm saying is that too many NFL teams wear black as their primary jersey color, and the Jacksonville Jaguars should take advantage of an opportunity to stand out by using teal as its primary home jersey color. This is one of my favorite NFL team uniform design concepts on the SportsLogos.net boards.
  6. So we now know that the final 4 teams in contention to play in Super Bowl LV are the following matchups: AFC Championship Game: Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Green Bay Packers. Hey @pitt6pack, could you please update with possible team matchups? I'm meaning Chiefs vs. Packers, Chiefs vs. Buccaneers, Bills vs. Packers or Bills vs. Buccaneers. Also, I have to mention that if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers advance to Super Bowl LV as NFC champions, it would mark the first time in NFL history that a team played in the Super Bowl in its regular home stadium.
  7. By the way, I meant to ask if there was any way that you could please create a version of the uniforms above, but in red, white and blue colors?
  8. Honestly, I'm a huge fan of this particular concept. I agree with the other posters on this forum in that I think it would be extremely gimmicky if Washington picked a new club nickname. As I said back in October 2020, I still think the best possible name for this NFL team should remain as the "Washington Football Team", because it respects the team's 88 year history. I sincerely believe that not having a club nickname allows Washington to be unique in the NFL.
  9. I agree with this 100%. I'm actually not a fan of Washington picking a new name. Since Washington isn't allowed to use the "R"-word nickname & Native American head logo anymore, then I think that they should just go by "Washington Football Team" on a permanent basis. I would be extremely pissed off if Washington picked "Red Tails" or "Code Talkers" as its new club nickname, just because both of those names are really terrible & lame. I think I could get used to "Washington Football Team" long term.
  10. That's OK. Thanks to the extensive and exhaustive research done by the Gridiron Uniform Database, we know what the team uniform design matchup was for the NFL week 2 regular season game played on September 16, 1984 between the St. Louis Cardinals & the Indianapolis Colts: http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=single-weekly&game_id=1984_SLC-IND^3
  11. I vote for option B, with the provision that the Cowboys use the same exact shade of blue and silver in the helmet and throughout the uniform design (whether that's royal blue or navy blue is a discussion for another day). The white jersey and team color jersey should mirror each other (they currently don't with the Dallas Cowboys). What I'm saying is that the color of the star on the helmet (as well as the helmet shell color) should match the same colors used on the jersey, pants and socks. It irritates me to no end that the Dallas Cowboys currently wear a metallic silver helmet with navy blue & white stripes, but also wear a white jersey with royal blue numerals, lettering & two horizontal sleeve stripes (trimmed in black), and pair THAT jersey with SILVER-GREEN pants with royal blue & white stripes on the side panel & royal blue socks. THAT uniform is an EYESORE & the single worst uniform in professional team sports.
  12. @SSmith48 OK, I understand that the uniform concept you've created for the Dallas Cowboys will be the only one you create for now. As far as the uniform concept for the Indianapolis Colts is concerned, there's not really much you can do differently than what they've been wearing. The only thing I can see that you have done differently is you've unified the striping pattern on the shoulders/side panels on pants & applied that striping pattern to the helmet. I like that element of your uniform/helmet concept for the Colts. I'm a fan of the idea that certain teams should use a unified striping pattern on the helmet, jersey sleeves & pants side panels.
  13. I have to agree with @_DietDrPepper_ here. The Cowboys' current uniform set isn't even the best-looking uniform in their own division, let alone conference, let alone league, not to even mention all of football. It all goes back to the fact that they have two totally different looking uniform designs for their white and primary team colored jerseys. I've always maintained the stance that the Cowboys' on-field uniforms would look so much better if the white jersey & primary team colored jerseys mirrored each other, and if they wore the same pant colors & design for both home & road games.
  14. I agree. Generally speaking, the Dallas Cowboys should stop using multiple blues & multiple silvers. It's a sloppy look for them. I can see what you were trying to accomplish with this concept. The stance I've held is still consistent: the Cowboys would benefit from having a cohesive look across all elements and uniforms. Maybe if the Cowboys would ditch navy blue for royal blue, and then ditch the silver-green pants for the metallic silver pants w/royal blue socks, then it might look a whole lot better. Do you think you could do a concept like I'm describing, @SSmith48? The concept I'm describing is as follows: Metallic silver helmet with royal blue star, royal blue & white helmet stripe in center, and metallic silver facemask. Current white jersey with solid royal blue numerals, lettering, and double horizontal sleeve stripes, but with silver trim on the sleeve stripes. Mirrored royal blue jersey with solid white numerals, lettering, and double horizontal sleeve stripes, but with silver trim on the sleeve stripes. Metallic silver pants with royal blue & white stripes on the side panels, paired with solid royal blue socks.
  15. Except that officially speaking, the Cowboys' colors are navy blue and silver already. My source is per the NFL Throwback YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXcFE3zTreg
  16. It's not silly to, in your words, "homogenize navy and silver". The worse of the set of colors the Dallas Cowboys wear are royal blue & silver-green. However, it is frustrating that the Cowboys will not even consider a uniform design change, so long as Jerry Jones owns the team. The uniform colors should match, because they do for the other 31 NFL teams. While it's true that the Cowboys are consistently near the top in sports merchandise sales, it all just goes back to the idea that Cowboys fans will buy whatever is put out there for sale. I guarantee you that most fans don't even realize the disconnect between the Cowboys' white jersey with royal blue lettering, numerals and stripes, and the team's navy blue jersey with silver trim. Just because it's the uniform that the Cowboys have worn for several decades now doesn't mean it looks good in any way, shape or form. It's hideous to look at. It very well might just be the single WORST uniform design in sports.
  17. Um, NO. The Dallas Cowboys' uniform quirks are the WORST in sports. Every other sports team (not just NFL) knows that your uniform colors NEED to match. Also, the Cowboys' colors are navy blue & silver. Just look at the helmet. It's not just my opinion. Take it from Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch: https://www.espn.com/espn/page2/story?page=lukas/071025
  18. NICE! I can tell that this is going to be one of my favorite threads on this forum! I mean, this Dallas Cowboys uniform concept looks a thousand times better than the uniform the Cowboys wear about 90% of the time. That uniform (which I think is called the "Star Blue" uniform) is completely hideous. I mean, there's no reason why the Cowboys should use two different shades of blue and two different shades of silver. IMO, the Cowboys should just stick to navy blue & the silver they use in their wordmark logo & be done with it. No more royal blue & silver-green. Those colors don't represent Dallas' NFL team at all. Also, I do have one small critique: Ezekiel Elliott's last name is spelled with two (2) "T"s. Apart from that, well done!
  19. Hey Faxion, are you aware that the Washington NFL football team is actively seeking and soliciting fan submissions for a new team name and logo? You can submit your team name, logo & uniform designs over at WashingtonJourney.com. I highly encourage you to submit your design, and I sincerely hope that the Washington NFL team takes a long look at it.
  20. In my humble opinion, I think the best possible new team name & logo design for the Washington NFL team (since they can't just go by "Washington Football Team" forever past the 2020 & 2021 NFL seasons) is Redwolves (one compound word). I also would vote for this logo design. Well done! I do have a couple of questions, though. First, could you please create a mockup of the potential uniform design featuring this logo? I'd like to see what the uniform design would look like, featuring basically the club's 2019 uniforms with the updated logo on the helmet & wordmark on the chest of the jerseys. Second, how did you create a mockup that made it look like the beginning of a game highlight video on the NFL's official YouTube channel? Anyways, I think you've done an amazing job here. I sure hope that the real-life Washington Football Team takes notice of this, and hopefully picks "Redwolves" as the club's new nickname, and this logo as the club's new logo.
  21. I have to say, my favorite sports team color combinations are as follows: NFL: Denver Broncos orange and navy blue (yeah, yeah, I know, I'm biased, since that's my favorite NFL team). San Francisco 49ers red and gold MLB: Seattle Mariners navy blue and Northwest green (again, I'm biased; this is my favorite MLB team). Chicago Cubs blue and red NBA: Utah Jazz navy blue and gold (again, I'm biased; this is my favorite NBA team) New Orleans Pelicans navy blue, gold and red NHL: Vegas Golden Knights steel grey and gold
  22. So I couldn't help but notice that when I click on a certain NBA team to view its historical court designs, I can't really see them. I have to navigate to certain pages in the thread. Any way to fix this?
  23. Am I the only one posting on this thread who thinks the NFL and the Levi's Stadium grounds crew screwed up by not painting the AFC/NFC conference logos in the teams' end zones? Or was this just part of the end zone design? I really hate the paint job on the Super Bowl 50 field. At least the team logos/wordmarks are aligned properly, but IMO, this is an incomplete field w/o the conference logos.
  24. Are the Seattle Seahawks the only NFL team with an end zone setup like that? By that, I mean, the only team that has an end zone design where the conference logo is on the left side, the team wordmark in the middle, and the team logo on the right side? It also bothers me to no end, because one would think that it would be different for the Super Bowl, because their normal end zone design for home games at CenturyLink Field is exactly like their Super Bowl end zone design, except for the fact that the NFL shield logo is on the left side instead of the NFC logo.
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