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  1. I will say this. I was not to fond of the field at NRG Stadium. The SB LI logos looked awful. They were dark grey and can be barely seen. The white line marker (25) was visible. It did not look right. I am guessing it was due to the lighting of the stadium. I also noticed that the blue background on Patriots end zone had some faded sections. If I were in charge, I would make the SB LI field like this. I made it by using an Excel spreadsheet. Even so, my field would have turned to crud after the Lady Gaga halftime show. Just my opinion. Da Field.xlsx
  2. Pitt6pack: It's not easy to do. You want to make sure everything is in the right place and intact. I will say this, the work you do is exceptional. I like the Super Bowl IV field (Chiefs/Vikings) field. Unfortunately it got torn to shreds as the game wore on. Enclosed is my version of the SB50 field. Take care. Da Field_SB50.xlsx
  3. At a Super Bowl party at my work, I created the Super Bowl 50 field my way. It was the same format, but I did the following: Carolina Panthers:. Sky blue and black stripe on the 20 yard line, black outline borders on the yard line numbers, sky blue borders on the arrows Denver Broncos:. Dark blue and orange stripe on the 20 yard line, dark blue borders on the yard line numbers, orange borders on the arrows I used a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to make the field. As I said many times earlier, it is just a thought
  4. I like the field, but I would like the NFL to paint outline borders on the numbers and the arrows. Broncos, blue borders on the numbers and orange borders on the arrows; Panthers, black borders on the numbers and sky blue borders on the arrows. The 50 yard line painted gold with a black outline border. Just a thought, but it is what it is.
  5. I know the NFL won't get that done, but I can fill that request in the alternate Super Bowl fields thread if you want. And I'm just going to guess, you came here from UniWatch? I never heard of UniWatch to be honest. I will check it out when I have the chance. May the best team win Super Bowl 49 on a simple, bland gridiron.
  6. This is my first time on this website. I always looked forward to seeing the actual field on Super Bowl Sunday. The decorations on the end zones, the Super Bowl logo, the NFL Logo, and the stripes on the 20 and 50 yard lines. The last good field I saw was Super Bowl XXXIII. The Falcons & Broncos had the borders of their their team colors painted on the yard line numbers and the yardage arrows. Any subsequent Super Bowls except XXXV (Ravens/Giants) did not paint borders on their numbers and arrows. I noticed other things as well. Super Bowl XLII and others except XLVI did not have stripes on the 20 and 50 yard lines. Super Bowl XLV had blue borders on their numbers and yardage arrows, but the team colors for both teams did not have blue. Super Bowl XLVI had the 20 yard line painted the red, white, & blue, but it is the same surface when the Colts play at Lucas Oil Stadium. Super Bowl XLVIII had a small NFL logo painted on the 50 yard line, but it is the same surface when the Jets/Giants play at MetLife Stadium I took a look at the field for Super Bowl XLIX. No Patriot logo on the left side of their end zone. That's terrible. The field looks too simple and bland. I understand the discontinuation of the stripes on 20 & 50 yard line. The line of scrimmage and first down line can confuse the TV viewer. But still, let's be consistent. Paint the team color borders on the numbers and arrows. You guys have 4 days. Get Busy!!!
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