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  1. can I get one for the Houston Rockets? Yao 11 Scola 4 Battier 31 McGrady 1 Francis 3 James 13 Brooks 0 please and thank you
  2. can I get one for the Houston Rockets? Yao 11 Scola 4 Battier 31 McGrady 1 Francis 3 please and thank you
  3. SI_007

    New NBA Jersey Sigs

    May I get one for the Houston Rockets? Francis - 3 McGrady - 1 Yao- 11 Plz and thanks
  4. Can you do one on AT&T Park? here's the link to the pic Plz and thanks
  5. Could you make one with Tracy McGrady? THanks
  6. SI_007

    Jersey Wallpaper

    can i get one of my old high school? logo: the background color: please and thank you
  7. SI_007

    *New Player Sigs

    woah! thanks for the Houston Rockets one. They look FABULOUS
  8. SI_007

    *New Player Sigs

    Can i get a Houston Rockets one of the following: Yao Ming - 11 Chuck Hayes - 44 Shane Battier - 31 Tracy McGrady - 1 Mike James - 13 Please and thank you!
  9. Can i get one with the HP Pavilion and Jonathen Cheechoo HP Pavilion: Cheechoo: Please and thank you
  10. Can I get a San Jose Sharks one and a Houston Rockets one? Please and thank you
  11. Can I get a San Jose Shark one? Joe Thronton - 19 Jonathan Cheechoo- 14 Patrick Marleau - 12 Bill Guerin - 13 Evgeni Nabokov- 20 Please and Thank you
  12. San Jose Sharks: Joe Thronton Jonathan Cheechoo Patrick Marleau Bill Guerin either one of them would do, please and thank you
  13. SI_007

    2nd Concept

    Great jersey! Yes i agree the shoulder logo should be the same as the chest logo. Great work Can we see the back side of the jersey, please?
  14. i'll do the Altanta Hawks for 2011
  15. Top Left: Away Top Right: Home + home pants Low Left: Warmup shirt Low right: Warmup sweater and socks and caps