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  1. Alright, here are my picks since I'm bored: WEST Vegas vs. Chicago: Vegas in 4 Colorado vs. Arizona: Colorado in 5 Dallas vs. Calgary: Calgary in 7 St. Louis vs. Vancouver: Vancouver in 7 EAST Philadelphia vs. Montreal: Philly in 5 Tampa vs. Columbus: Columbus in 5 Washington vs. New York: New York in 7 Boston vs. Carolina: Carolina in 6
  2. I'm not a huge fan of that current orange Oilers jersey, but if they must wear orange I'm glad they decided to ditch the shoulder numbers. Shoulder numbers for NHL teams (unless they're on a stadium series jersey) just don't make a lot of sense to me.
  3. Skate penguin with robo penguin as the shoulder patch and "Pittsburgh" with robo penguin as the shoulder patch my two my favorite Penguins looks.
  4. I had a feeling the Hurricanes would win the series, but I didn't realize it would be like this. I thought despite the playoff inexperience/youth on the roster, they'd at least win one game.
  5. Well, at least the patch says their name and not "jersey" or "fabric"
  6. I just looked those up because I hadn't heard of the team before, and I immediately wanted one. Where did you buy yours? I can't seem to find where they're sold online.
  7. Apparently, he also severely mistreated the team's cheerleaders to the point of basically pimping them out to season ticket holders. I'm still disappointed we never got official confirmation on whether the rumors about all the crazy stuff allegedly going on with Snyder and Jay Gruden were true.
  8. I don't own a whole lot of jerseys or hats from teams outside of the DC area. That used to be on purpose, but now I'm more open to buying merch from other teams if I think it looks cool. My first non-DC purchase was a Quebec Nordiques shirt I bought on amazon about two years ago. (Unfortunately, I lost it somehow.) This past February, I bought a Bucks "cream city" jersey because a friend and I were in FootLocker and we thought it was funny. I'll probably buy a Seattle Kraken jersey when they come out because I like the design. I can't see myself buying the jersey of a rival of one of my favorite teams, though.
  9. From a design standpoint, I just don't like the striping inconsistency. Maybe if I see them in action this season with the new helmet, I'll like them better. About the facemask, though, looking in this thread has kind of sold me on the idea of gray being a better color for that, so I agree with you in the sense that the gold facemask is a little much.
  10. I seriously don't understand the appeal of the yellow pants.
  11. I hope those are at least somewhat accurate because I really like that black jersey.
  12. Are the Rangers starting Lundqvist because they want him to have one final shot at winning a cup or because they want to have a shot at getting Lafreniere? Because either way just seems humiliating for him.
  13. The Flames are one of those teams that doesn't really need a shoulder patch, which I guess is part of the appeal of their throwback/thirds
  14. Overall, I really like the Chargers' rebrand. However, it seems weird to me that the bolt on the navy blue pants and jerseys isn't filled in. To me, it would make sense if it were yellow outlined in white on the jerseys/pants and then yellow outlined in navy blue on the helmet. Maybe I'll like the uniform as is when I see it in action, but for now, that's a tweak I'd make.
  15. Although I was pretty happy with what I saw from the Caps in their exhibition game, I have serious doubts about Todd Reirden's ability to lead the team to the cup as head coach. Too often throughout this season, it seemed as though he was just letting the star players do what they wanted instead of actually coaching. Plus, the defense under his leadership has been atrocious. Sure, Holtby could've played a little better throughout the regular season* but the defense in front of him was often a huge liability. (I thought Reirden was supposed to be a good defensive-minded coach when we hired him, or at least that's what everyone who seemed to know more than me said.) Either way, if the playoffs continue without a hitch (knock on wood) and Ovechkin isn't lifting the Cup, I want Reirden fired. *I thought he played well in the exhibition game, to be fair