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  1. What's the point of the nostalgia craze if the Capitals aren't going to bring back their late 90s-mid 2000s eagle jersey?
  2. It bothers me that the Colorado Avalanche changed the dot in the middle of the C on their shoulder patch to black. It just doesn't look right. Also having plain black numbers on their road jerseys looks awful.
  3. George McPhee is one of the most overrated GMs of all time. I don't care what anyone says. Oh well, at least he's trading away a different franchise's future now.
  4. Since he retired today I thought I'd post this (as much as it pains me): Ladies and gentlemen, Martin Erat on the Washington Capitals
  5. The Nats just signed Jonny Venters to a minor-league deal. From what I was reading earlier, he didn't perform very well for the Braves earlier this season, but at this point the Nats bullpen needs any and all possible help it can get.
  6. These aren't bad at all. As awesome as I think it is that they're wearing the flying skate this upcoming season, I wouldn't be opposed to seeing that jersey or the blue version of it return as a third jersey at some point.
  7. The more I look at that white stick-in-rink shoulder patch, the more I like it.
  8. I turned four years old the year the Nats came to DC. I was six or seven the first time I saw the Expos logo, and I saw an elb. EDIT: Yeah, I'm really young.
  9. Honestly, I don't think their "The Town" and "The Bay" alternates are that bad. I just prefer the "We Believe" jerseys.
  10. As much as I like the Warriors current full-time set, I'd LOVE to see the Warriors break out their "We Believe" jerseys again at some point during the finals.
  11. I was just reading the discussion about the Dolphins logo in the NFL changes thread and Ryan Tannehill wearing this Dolphins uniform came to mind. Tannehill's rookie year, 2012, was the last year they wore these before switching to their current unis.
  12. I agree. Without a hemstripe of some kind, having half the sleeves be teal looks unbalanced in my eyes.
  13. If you take the "LOS ANGELES" off the hem area and maybe even out the stripes on the sleeves, those purple and black jerseys are perfect imo.
  14. "They considered Ravens and Dragons before eventually settling on Grizzlies." I think Ravens would've been an awesome name for a basketball team in Vancouver, especially since ravens are native to that region. If the team took inspiration from Native American art (as they ended up doing with the Grizzlies logo), I think they could've put together a set of really cool logos and uniforms. It's also interesting to consider what direction the NFL franchise that came to Baltimore about a year after would've gone in terms of identity if this happened.
  15. As much as I wanted the Sharks to win the cup this year, I'm really happy for Blues fans. It's an awesome feeling to see your team in the final and St. Louis definitely deserves it.
  16. I feel like they'd have gone black heavy, then introduced a purple and green city/earned jersey later on as well.
  17. Don't forget about Josh McCown: Cardinals, Lions, Raiders, Panthers, Bears, Buccaneers, Browns, and Jets.
  18. I'd definitely buy a Marlins hat or t-shirt if they weren't an NL East division rival of my Nats. To me, the Marlins' previous orange-black-yellow-teal identity screamed "trying too hard." I think their new colors and uniforms (and changes to their ballpark) are a real improvement.
  19. Crap, you're right. Looks like I really am going insane because I was going off the fact that he was the longest tenured Capitals player on the team at the time he was traded. (Which was about 3 years ago.) My bad, I'll fix it.
  20. Brooks Laich on the Leafs and Kings NEW EDIT: Realized I should probably explain that he was the longest tenured Washington Capital in the franchise's history. on the team at the time he was traded in 2016. Like Echo pointed out, he is not the longest tenured player in the team's history.
  21. I'm a big fan of the Wizards black city jerseys and red "earned" jerseys... even though they haven't earned very much this season.
  22. There's like 7 teams left from the big 4 after all that. Holy jeebus that's a lotta hate right there!Let me put it this way: watching sports with me isn't a fun experience for most people.
  23. 1. Any team from New York 2. Dallas Cowboys 3. San Francisco Giants 4. St. Louis Cardinals 5. Any team from Boston 7. Any team from Atlanta 8. Miami Marlins 9. Any team from Philadelphia 10. Any team from Pittsburgh Honorable mentions: Green Bay Packers Carolina Panthers Arizona Diamondbacks
  24. While I like the concept itself, I don't think it would work for an NFL team. (Which is basically what the posters above me have said.) I think you should try using a different number font on the jerseys, eliminating the yoke on the jerseys, and revising the logo so it's a bit more readable.